Monday, 21 September 2009

This week on It Takes Two, we have learnt...

- The contestants have their make-up done for the live shows first thing in the morning, and so can be wearing it for around eight hours before the show starts.
- The answer to the eternal question of "who would win in a playfight between James and Brendan in which the loser is dumped into a plant pot" is apparently James.
- Alesha has seemingly stripped down one of the Strictly glitterballs and turned it into a dress.
- Craig thinks Alesha is almost the standard of a professional dancer. SO SUCK ON THAT, HATERS.
- Alesha thinks that she is the Voice Of The Public. But bearing in mind a large percentage of the population seem to want her off the show immediately, maybe not so much.
- Matthew is the only pro-dancer to have been voted off the show first more than once.
- It is hard for male celebrities to move their hips in the rumba. Oh no, wait, we didn't just learn that, because we get told it EVERY FUCKING YEAR.
- [i]Strictly Come Dancing[/i] is the most terrifying thing Laila has ever done. And she has given birth.
- Zöe Lucker was Shirley Ballas's dark horse.
- Of this week's contestants, Laila and Anton have clocked up the most hours' training.
- Natalie Cassidy enjoys getting complimented on her dancing by Alesha. SO SUCK ON THAT, HATERS.
- None of the celebrities were allowed to bump into each other when they were filming the opening titles because the couples hadn't been announced to the press at the time.
- Spin is very important in dance. Also: in politics.
- The trailer for this series was filmed in the oldest music hall in the world.
- Lynda and Darren drink an alarming amount of tea during their training.
- Katya's mother bribed her with $25 to attend her second dancing lesson when she didn't enjoy the first. In retrospect, Katya is pleased she did this.
- Natalie Lowe once caught a really big fish.
- Claudia is going to make Joe a lucky peanut butter and banana sandwich.
- Alesha is officially the best dancer in Strictly history, with an average score of 36.5.
- The big mirrorball we see at the start of the show doesn't actually make pretty patterns and is only there for decorative purposes. Boo!

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