Friday, 18 December 2015

This week on It Takes Two, we have learnt...

- Even Gleb laughed when they watched Anita’s salsa back.
- Zoe’s daughter cried her eyes out when Anita and Gleb got eliminated. LOOK WHAT THOU HAST WROUGHT, JUDGES.
- This year’s contestants are all sickeningly positive about each other.
- That said, Georgia’s first impression of Jay was “he needs a haircut”.
- Georgia calls Kellie her Strictly mum.  I'm sure Kellie is delighted to be considered a mum to someone who's almost 25.
- Bruno thinks Jeremy and Helen went out too early.
- Bruno refuses to have a favourite dance.  I didn't know BBC impartiality extended that far.
- The Argentine tango was originally a dance done exclusively by men, to impress women. It’s amazing such FILTH ever made it onto a FAMILY SHOW in the first place.
- Bruno really wants to see an AT done by two men again.
- Bruno never watches the dances back after recording the show.
- Joanne thinks Jay’s Viennese waltz was overmarked and technically flawed. We assume the St Jay Army are already in the process of sending the boys round (yes, we do mean the other four from The Wanted).
- Zoe seems to agree with us that Joanne is better at Choreography Corner than Karen.  Sorry Karen.
- A rumba walk has six sub-actions and is used in the cha-cha-chas as well.
- Presumably to troll the X Factor, Anton and Katie are doing their showdance to 'O Fortuna'.
- Hot Greg the floor manager has some serious moves. 
- Despite everything, Ola will actually be allowed back into the building for the final this weekend.
- Ola did a couple of spins with Chris Hollins when she saw him the other week.
- In the olden days, Tess could pronounce Ola's name.
- Iwan Thomas's favourite Strictly moment was when he was partnered with Ola at the launch show.  Before there was any actual work involved.
- He also talks about her as if she was dead ("she was a great person").
- Georgia wore Ola’s shoes for the charleston.
- Everyone except Katie has retconned that Anton and Katie's waltz wasn't that good.
- Poor Katie appears to have been entirely forgotten in her own journey now that everyone’s so excited about Anton making the final for the first time.
- Anton thinks this year's quarter final was the best ever.  Damning with faint praise, there.
- Georgia and Giovanni seem to be doing some sort of ballroom/contempowaft showdance. Jay and Aliona’s seems to just be a “greatest hits” number.
- Kevin and Kellie both seem to be a bit fed up with all the comedy theming they've been given this year.
- Kellie ranks doing her American smooth right up there with her wedding day and the birth of her son.
- Kellie and Kevin’s showdance is lindyhop-based.
- There have been 17 series of Dancing With The Stars in Poland.
- One of the judges in DTWS Poland gave more 10s in the most recent series than Craig has ever given across all 13 of Strictly.
- There are two versions of Strictly in Central America - one in Costa Rica, and one in Panama.
- One of the routines in the most recent series of DTWS Costa Rica involved an actual live horse.
- Katie and Anton’s showdance looks like a bit of a paso doble/tango mash-up.
- Lisa Snowdon doesn’t think she can dance any more. No comment.
- MATTFLINTMANIA from So You Think You Can Dance is choreographing the opening number for the Christmas special.
- There is another train in the Christmas opening. Its porn status is thus far unconfirmed.
- Harry Judd is letting his chest hair grow back, THERE IS A GOD.
- Pasha is more gentle than Brendan. Good to know.
- Harry Judd thinks anyone except Katie and Anton could win.
- Georgia just wanted to get to the end, so even if she loses (which she will) she feels like she’s won.
- There will be two charlestons in the contestants’ choice round, assuming both Kellie and Georgia make it that far. (It’s probably safe to assume that if Katie goes that far, she will *not* be reprising her charleston.)
- Katie will be wearing sapphire blue/cobalt blue for the first time in the competition this weekend.
- Kellie requested a gold dress for her showdance but Vicky wasn’t able to give her a completely gold one because of the overall palette of the show for the night.
- Jay is Aliona’s favourite dance partner ever. HE IS NO HARRY JUDD YOU INGRATE.
- That botched lift was (say it with us now) MEANT TO HAPPEN LIKE THAT.
- Jeremy is still trying to do Karen’s accent.
- It will be unseasonably mild this Christmas, but there will be rain at times.
- Peter still can’t stop doing the “can I just say…?”
- Kim Wilde is available.
- Jay and Aliona are not doing any hip hop or morris dancing in their showdance.
- Jay’s not doing his jive again, ffs stop asking.
- Anton has changed Katie’s showdance 14 times, if he is to be believed and he probably isn’t.
- Katie has picked the Viennese waltz for her contestant’s choice routine. If they get to do it, there will be more pivots.
- Zoe thinks a judges’ showdance would be good.
- Even BRUNO thinks not.
- Bruno can’t cope with the sight of Craig as Captain Hook.
- Darcey forces Craig to give 10s in the final.
- The trick to not mum-dancing is to use your arms.
- The public don’t realise that it’s a dancing competition for the judges. THANX LEN.
- Len thought Peter and Helen would be in the final, he doesn’t say at whose expense.
- Darcey wanted Ainsley to be in the final.
- Giovanni wants to come back next year.
- There is nothing better than Danny Dyer saying “Kevin Clifton”.
- Everyone's fanbase is full of eight-year-olds.
- Anita’s pre-series concern of ‘if I go down, will I get back up again?’ was… kind of prescient. (We'd have the same concern if we were partnered with Gleb, to be fair.)
- Peter is ill.
- Jay wondered if he could ‘charm Darcey’ before the show started.  Being male kind of makes that a given.
- Tameka Empson wants to see Georgia and Giovanni reprise their Ghostbusters tango and is reduced to tears at the thought of Anton in the final.- Richard Madeley has never seen a core as strong as Kellie’s.
- Ruthie Henshall doesn’t want to suggest a winner, Richard Madeley thinks Jay will win, Tameka Empson thinks Kellie. Or Georgia. Or Jay. Or Katie.
- Gleb’s sheer stripper cop shirt didn’t do it for Miranda Hart.
- Miranda Hart is the only person in the world who actually likes the hour-long Friday show.


Penny said...

It is much more fun to read your summary of "it takes two" than it is to watch it. Thanks to us realising this, we have been able to watch 3 hours of other telly this week, enabling us to stop our sky box from bursting when it overfills.

Rad said...

Well, we aim to please!

This series was OK but it really missed the pro challenge and the hour-long Fridays were a terrible idea.

F a t i m a said...

"It is much more fun to read your summary of "it takes two" than it is to watch it."
That goes for the whole blog. Thanks to the team for another year!

"I'm sure Kellie is delighted to be considered a mum to someone who's almost 25"
Haha – I though that too

Seminaranalyse said...

After dwts poland all the other versions feel so reasonably scored