Friday, 30 September 2016

This week on It Takes Two, we have learnt...

- Daisy is the first contestant to get a 9 for her first dance for seven years. (For those screaming "fix!", the last person to get a 9 for their first dance was Austin Healey in series six, and we all saw how that ended.)
- Brendan thinks Craig's score of 8 for Anastacia's cha cha cha may have been alcohol-fuelled.
- Brendan's reaction to being reminded of that time he partnered Lulu is "don't mention the war".
- Anastacia is having a bromance with Brendan, however that works.
- Hot Greg is still working on the main show this year to our immense relief, and was also working on Monday's ITT. (We've already seen him in the same shot as The Other Hot Greg and we're struggling to cope.)
- Danny has a Dismaland t-shirt. He seems the sort, to be fair.
- AJ has tried doing a backflip walkover in flats and it didn't go well, so he's got a while to go before he can attempt it in heels.
- Claudia, by her own admission, does not know how to add.
- Zoe's six-year-old daughter is in love with AJ, but we think she might be slightly too old for him.
- Ed still talks like a politician.
- Katya wants us to know that Ed is a great leader. Insert your own Labour Party joke here.
- Melvin felt like "a human highlighter" during his cha cha cha.
- Richard Osman's favourite is Melvin.
- Doing this show and a breakfast show has driven Melvin screaming into the arms of coffee.
- Lady Gaga told Melvin that he needs to be like a ninja.
- Janette does not like Melvin turning up to training in shorts.
- Louise forgot her jive at the start of Saturday's show and she was practising it while her VT was playing.
- Louise thinks Craig was very generous with his 8.
- Kevin looked through all of Louise's old pop videos for something he could use, choreography-wise. He didn't find anything.
- The introduction to Karen's Khoreography Korner is now longer than a Marvel movie.
- Karen H is scared of Anastacia.
- Will wants to be "hot lips", but will settle for "hot socks".
- Will's impression of Greg sounds a bit like Brucie.
- Karen C is still talking to Hairy Dave and Jeremy. No mention of whether she's still talking to Mark Wright, but we imagine not.
- Will likes to take a lot of breaks during rehearsals, presumably to add another layer of ugly clothes on top.
- Will sweats a lot and is worried it may lead to him dropping Karen.
- Pink is Lesley's favourite colour.
- Zoe has seen Anton's chest and can confirm it is formidable.
- Lesley has managed to get Anton training in tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt, and she's got pictures to prove it.
- There is a 27cm height difference between Lesley and Anton, which is the equivalent height of an adolescent penguin.
- As a DJ, Melvin is confused by anything that doesn't start on the first beat.
- Judge Rinder was unaware what his face was doing in the cha cha cha until he watched it back.
- Judge Rinder has started referring to Oksana as his "dance lawyer".
- Oksana wants Judge Rinder to turn up to rehearsals dressed like Anton. Each to their own, I suppose.
- Ian's mum calls him "the leg end".
- It was all part of Gorka's plan to have Tameka play the controlling, dominating role in the paso doble. Well, that's what he reckons, anyway.
- As a dancer, Gorka would describe himself as "elegant, masculine and sexy".
- Greg missed his cue for the start of his routine because he was so high up that he couldn't hear the band, and was convinced he'd messed it up before he'd even started.
- Natalie had to tell Greg to slow down during the routine.
- Natalie thinks Greg is the perfect mix of fun and hard-working in training...but she seems less convinced that she's going to win than she did a week ago.
- We really like the way Gorka says "charleston".
- Daisy thinks her limbs were being controlled by her dead grandfather during the waltz.
- Zoe still has the highest ever week one score but she doesn't like to talk about it.
- Aljaž hurt his back a bit this week.
- Will's rehearsal outfits have been a little more sedate, thank goodness.
- Vicky Gill and her team start work on the costumes in June. June!
- Gorka will be wearing a oneside in this week's charleston.
- Joanne promises she has taken Len's criticisms of her choreography on board.
- Ore sticking his tongue out in the tango was not choreographed, nor was it intentional: he was actually trying to pout.
- Ore's cha cha cha involves a pole, which may have collided with his nads during training.
- Gethin Jones is still beautiful, and that’s always nice to know. (Remember when Gleb eyefucked Gethin backstage last year? Fun times.)
- Oti isn’t interested in things being simple and clean.
- If you ask a pro to make the routine easier, they make it harder.
- Zoe’s Iveta impression is quite good. Also, Iveta has had a baby.
- Jason Gilkinson is following through on that group Argentine tango he was considering last year, and it involves Gorka and Oksana playing those famous Argentinians Romeo and Juliet.
- Sara Pascoe finds the slow dances boring sometimes.
- Alison Hammond thinks Aljaž is repurposing all of her moves for Daisy.
- Daniel O’Donnell doesn’t know the difference between a cha cha cha and a charleston.
- Ore has clearly been taking a leaf out of Will’s look book as he’s wearing braces and shorts to training.
- There were nights last year when Daniel O’Donnell thought he was fantastic. Then he watched it back and realised he was not fantastic.
- Naga is clearly not keen on the idea of being a princess.
- Pasha is no longer attempting to explain things to Naga in golf terminology.
- Giovanni is still struggling with regional accents.
- Natalie thinks Greg is a fantastic piece of arse. Or “art”, she started laughing midway through so it was hard to tell.
- Daniel O’Donnell thinks that if there were an All-Stars series, he and Alison would not make the cut. But Zoe might.
- Alison thinks Lesley might go, Daniel thinks Ed might go, Sara thinks that if Ed doesn’t go home democracy isn’t working.
- That dance the judges do at the top of the show each week? Made up on the spot. I know, SHOCKER.
- Oksana has picked up a nasty bruise during training.


Daisy said...

Just discovered this blog having watched Strictly forever. It's amazing - I'm not sure whether to skip watching the actual programme and just read this or watch anyway and then laugh out loud like a drain at the wry comments and in jokes. Good job all!

Katy Boyer said...

I bumped* into Gethin today. He is astonishingly good looking.

(Well... I bumped into one of the small children who was with Gethin, but that's beside the point)

F a t i m a said...

Reading out tweets by Richard Osman and/or Miranda Hart has become so boring. On the other hand, Daniel O'Donnell is just as dry and witty as he was last year.