Monday, 7 December 2009

This week on It Takes Two, we have learnt...

- Brendan doesn't normally wear hats.
- Once you can judge one genre of dance, you can judge them all. Apparently.
- There is NO dance-off on Saturday. Gasp!
- A common superstition amongst the pros is to put the right shoe/glove/eyelash on first.
- If the alternative to James Jordan not making it terribly far in the competition is James Jordan playing the roving reporter on It Takes Two, death becomes an increasingly appealing prospect.
- Ian and Erin kind of own Choreography Corner.
- Erin pokes her tongue out when she's concentrating really hard. Just like me!
- Lilia's favourite Star Wars character is Jar Jar Binks. Oh, Lilia.
- Vincent would like to have one beautiful long leg. Just one, apparently.
- James is unnaturally good at dance machines. Dammit.
- Apparently schools are now doing their own mock-Strictly shows instead of pantos. WHY ARE THEY NOT IN LESSONS, etc etc.
- Brendan was initially resistant to the idea of appearing in the series back in 2004 because he thought it sounded a bit gay. Quite how this was the first time in his career as a professional dancer that he'd felt this concern, we're not really sure.
- Cab drivers seem to prefer Ali for the win, while butchers seem largely in favour of Ricky Whittle.
- Peter Mandelson wants to be on the show. "Allegedly." As does Neil Warnock, whoever he is.
- The studio's glitterball contains 92,300 individual mirrors.


Evova said...

oh go on, go on! write about tonites show! I am in the US and need my weekly strictly bitching fix!

Steve said...

Sorry for the delay - I'm working on it now! It should be up in the next couple of hours...

ht said...

The studio has precisely NO glitterballs, by definition. Sorry, but this is one of the things that has been annoying me about Strictly finals since Series 1.

Balls with mirrors on are called mirrorballs. Glitterballs look like this: