Monday, 14 December 2009

This week on It Takes Two, we have learnt...

- Lilia is a much better roving reporter than James is.
- Ali and Brian did their Christmas shopping together on Monday.
- Even in subtitle form, Len is still a walking self-parody.
- A person who phoned in to a radio show where Chris was a guest accused him of ruining their weekend because he took Ali and Brian's place.
- The first time Ricky got his quickstep right was on the Saturday morning before the live show.
- Bruce's favourite catchphrase is "you're my favourite", which he first used in 1961 with Nat King Cole.
- Ali likes it when Bruce does a striptease.
- The Lindyhop was named after aviator Charles Lindbergh.
- Erin doesn't like cheese.
- Jade was heavily involved in the design of her jive dress, according to Claudia.
- The three people the show considers to be the big early shock boots were all partnered by a Jordan.
- Gabby is still kind of bitter.
- James became a dancer so he could score with hot chicks. In all fairness, it seems to have worked.
- Len thinks James has mellowed. Len is an idiot.
- Brian's favourite programme is Golden Balls. Insert your own jokes.
- Lilia doesn't do the cooking; Darren does. Hands up who's surprised?
- Jade and Ian are definitely coming back to do their tango in the final. WHEEEEEEE!
- Ricky used to style his hair like Michael Jackson. Hee hee hee.
- If his reaction to winning the Dance Machine challenge is anything to go by, we should all be very grateful that James has never even got near to the actual final of the show. Also, he thinks that maybe people will like him more now that he's won something. Because it was truly his lack of silverware over the course of the competition so far that was responsible for his lukewarm public reception.
- The following people can pronounce Ola's name correctly: Chris, Claudia, James, Len, presumably Ola herself. Bruce and Tess? Not so much.
- Natalie Lowe won her first competition at the age of six. Whether this is because everyone else was too terrified of her to put up much of a fight is as yet unproven.


Essen said...

Also, he thinks that maybe people will like him more now that he's won something...

I think Mr Jordan has got cause and effect muddled up there!

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