Monday, 8 November 2010

This week on It Takes Two, we have learnt...

- Ian and Brendan like to mock Natalie for using too much fake tan.
- Aliona dyes her hair. SHOCKER, we know.
- Lifts are not allowed in the waltz, foxtro, tango, Viennese waltz, cha cha cha, rumba, samba, paso doble and jive. Lifts are allowed in the salsa, American smooth, showdance, charleston, and Argentine tango. Are we all clear now? Good.
- Gavin and Katya can't agree on what temperature to have in the rehearsal room.
- Brendan's miffed because he's been deliberately avoiding lifts in case he got penalised for them, and has now realised that no one else was paying attention to that rule this year.
- The host of the South African version of Strictly is a bit like Bruce. In Albania, the show is hosted by a woman on her own. PERISH THE THOUGHT.
- Darren Bennett has been working a lot on the Turkish version of the show helping them to get the adaptation right.
- Jared sees himself married with five or six kids in ten years. Apparently just the one wife, though.
- James likes to pinch Matt's bottom.
- Felicity thinks Gavin is a blown-up version of Vincent. (Dear judge in the Twitter Joke Trial: please note, this does not mean she actually intends to blow up Vincent.)
- Chris Hollins texts Ricky Whittle and signs his messages "the thief of Strictly Come Dancing".
- Robin and Artem share a flat. Artem likes shoes, and Robin has a cuddly seal called Snowy.
- Patsy met Kylie before last week's live show, and kissed her hand.
- Ann doesn't know that the tango is a ballroom dance.
- The pose in the rumba where the lady is at arm's length from the man is called the Fan Position. Not to be confused with the fact that Len is always in the Fan Position for celebrity males doing a rumba because it is VERY HARD FOR THEM.
- Craig has got a thing about thumbs.
- Since all of the eliminees so far apart from Tina were men, Matt thinks she was eliminated because she was wearing trousers.

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