Tuesday, 16 November 2010

This week on It Takes Two, we have learnt...

- Ann enjoys wearing long dresses because they're better for hiding the mistakes in her footwork.
- Only two couples have ever received full marks in BLACKPOOL: Jill and Darren and Ali and Brian.
- Three lifts are allowed in the American smooth this year. RETROACTIVE JUSTICE FOR KELLY BROOK!
- According to Karen, Craig and James were both right about whether legs should be straight or not in the cha cha cha. Okay then.
- 3 million people a year visit BLACKPOOL.
- Artem doesn't believe the words "fun" and "bus" go together.
- Laila's paso doble dress in BLACKPOOL last year was modelled on Frida Kahlo.
- Kristina's dress for her last waltz with John Sergeant was originally a bodice for Heather Small's rumba that got adapted.
- One of the lifts in Gavin and Katya's American smooth is so high that they struggled to find a training room with a high enough ceiling to practice in. At one point they even resorted to practising outside.
- A samba roll where the lady is in front of the man with her back to him is called a "shadow roll".
- There have been some really awful sambas on this show. Even some of the ones that were apparently supposed to be good.
- Craig once had a run in with a French woman involving the song 'Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps'.
- The samba is a difficult dance for a man. Whether it fits above or below the rumba on the AXIS OF MALE DANCE DIFFICULTY is anyone's guess.

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