Wednesday, 15 December 2010

This week on It Takes Two, we have learnt...

- Aliona likes having sequins on her face.
- There's going to be a Strictly-themed episode of A Question of Sport shown over Christmas. Why? Beats us.
- Anton's left foot is two inches bigger than his right foot. Apparently.
- Claudia likes it when Bruno grabs Alesha.
- The dances for Saturday will be the contestants' highest-scoring dance, a dance of their choosing, a dance they have not yet attempted, and the freestyle showdance.
- Artem danced his rumba with James when Kara wasn't around. James looked a little bit too into it, if you ask us.
- Len's favourite name is Poppy, and his second favourite name is Becky.
- The first thing Erin thinks of in the morning is a cup of tea.
- Erin aspires to be Sarah Beeny. Then again, don't we all? And apparently Sarah Beeny has always wanted to be a dancer. If this doesn't lead to a Freaky Friday-style spinoff, we don't know what will.
- If Bruce were a dance, he'd be a tango.
- Vincent would like to be a model if he weren't a dancer. But he doesn't want to be a hand model.
- Matt and Aliona's showdance will be the coolest thing Aliona has danced throughout her career. We imagine the competition for that particular accolade is VAST.
- Your mind and your body are two separate things. THANKS FOR THAT BRAND NEW INFORMATION, MATT BAKER.
- Robin loves the movie Big. It's possible he just jumped to conclusions after hearing the title, though.
- The glitterball trophy is much heavier than it looks.
- People now grasp hold of Ann in the street and ask her to dance with them. Freaks.
- Sarah Hadland, who plays Stevie in Miranda, had not committed fully to watching this series and therefore only made the "maybe" invite list to Miranda's Strictly Soiree.
- Claudia has murdered the Telestrator. RIP Telestrator. :(

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