Monday, 22 September 2008

This week on It Takes Two, we have learnt...

- James Jordan thinks misogynist humour is the height of sophistication.
- Apparently this show is so tight that they use the same trophy every year, which makes us sad for Alesha, having to surrender it to one of this lot.
- Phil Daniels is kind of humourless.
- Len defends his decision to give Austin a 9 by pointing out that he'd already given Tom an 8 and Austin was better. The fact that he could avoid this situation by not FUCKING OVERMARKING EVERYONE appears to have escaped him (though Craig pointed it out to Len, bless his heart).
- Kate Garraway was the ONLY dancer last year who lacked talent and outstayed her welcome. Yup. Kenny who?
- Lisa Snowdon is an early frontrunner for this year's Jim Halpert Tribute Cute Mugging Glance To The Camera award.
- Craig thinks Heather Small has natural rhythm. O RLY, Craig? Who'd have thunk it?
- Matthew Cutler makes coffee for everyone whenever he goes on It Takes Two.
- Hayley thinks Mark is too nice and needs to be more aggressive. Hence, she has created the character Maurizio Fosterini for him.
- Claudia is taking Brian home with her.
- Viewers, we have another comedy alpha-male face-off! One suspects, however, that Tom Chambers, lovely though he is, might be a little out of his depth against Austin Healey.
- Gary Rhodes is following Kate's lead in being gracious at acknowledging his failings as a dancer and adopting a nice line in self-deprecating humour.
- Anton is not surprised that Claudia is not allowed in the Strictly ballroom.

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Essen said...

The difference between Gary Rhodes and Kate is that he is still a twat, even when he does self-deprecating humour. (I always got the impression Kate knew she'd been marked fairly, I rather thought Gary was being 'self-deprecating' quite well, whilst also firmly believing he was woefully undermarked) But then I have always hated Gary.

Brian thinks looking like Leo diCaprio is a GOOD thing. *boggled*

Claudia and Anton made a transparent bid to replace Brucie and Tess.

Once again we seem to be pretending Letitia never existed. It's really odd that she's never mentioned.

I quite want to take Matthew Cutler home. Actually, I want that a lot. And I'm liking Craig more and more. this is a worrying development.

I'm so pleased you lot are blogging again this year - I only watch X-factor so I can watch along with you, and Strictly blog is absolutely brilliant (and a nice antidote to the Strictly love-in nothingbadcanbesaidabout it that you get elsewhere)!