Saturday, 22 December 2012

This week on It Takes Two, we have learnt...

- Louis has been telling people that Kimberley's got nits. Worrabitch.
- Lisa is still convinced she's the people's champion. And, to be fair, it's not like the Beeb ever releases the voting results, so for all we know, she might be.
- She did at least know that she couldn't beat anyone else in the dance-off.
- Zoe called Len 'Sir' Len Goodman.  Don't give him ideas, Zoe, he'll be even worse than Bruce was!
- Robin wants Denise to win, because she's NOT A TRAINED DANCER DAMMIT. Lisa's backing Denise or Dani.
- James thinks all five couples should've gone into the final. This is why we don't let James decide things.
- Denise thinks James is the problem in the partnership, so if she does the Charleston on her own, she might get a 10 from Craig.
- The foxtrot came to prominence at the same time as similarly named dances including the turkey-trot and the grizzly bear. With any luck those will be added to the rotation for series 11.
- There is more variety in the foxtrot than in any other dance, yet somehow it is still SO BORING.
- Karen Hardy's mother is a really good dancer, not that she likes to go on and on about it or anything.
- Robin doesn't leave the house without Instant Tan, and Lisa from Deuce the head make-up artist totally hates him for it.
- The brief clip of 'Dressed for Success' we heard was the best bit of any of Julien Macdonald's segments all year.  I'd say there should be more dances done to Roxette songs, but then, the Strictly singers...
- More than a quarter of a million crystals have been used on the Strictly costumes this series.
- White, yellow and blue are the colours for next summer.  Zoe isn't keen.
- Dani's godawful pink/yellow dress disahster is her favourite outfit of the series.  No accounting for taste.
- Weightlifter Zoe Smith is so down to earth that she takes the bus. Unfortunately, on her way to It Takes Two, she missed the bus in question so she was late.
- Vincent wanted to do the Argentine tango before the semifinals so they would've had more time to rehearse.
- Vincent calls their jive a 'very alcoholic dance'.  Or at least that's what it sounds like, and given the hairpiece, looks like.
- Karen Hauer lives in a tiny apartment at the top of a lot of stairs with her boyfriend Kevin.  If she loses Kevin, this would qualify her to win next year's X Factor.
- Dani is in panto in York. (Not Woking, and presumably not with The Fonz.)
- Denise is quite camp.
- Kimberley is using 'Crazy In Love' for her showdance music. Clearly this show is now 100% over Alesha. 
- Nicola Roberts has "discussed" some of Kimberley's music choices with her.
- Louis is reprising his Dirty Dancing salsa for the final, just to ensure that the ovary vote is insurmountable.
- Ian Waite put a bet on someone to win, but they went out. I bet it was Fern Britton.
- Dani is going to do her tango ten times better than she did it the first time. Presumably this means she's going to get 340 points for it. Possibly all from Bruno.
- Chris Hollins likes to watch a charleston, "because it's the only dance I can do". Hey, he said it, not us.
- Chris Hollins wants Denise to win, St Jill wants Louis or Dani to win, Ramps wants Louis or Denise. LOOK OUT KIMBERLEY, HERE COMES THE BUS AND IT'S BEING DRIVEN BY THREE PAST WINNERS!
- If Len needs three female pros to act as secret dancing agents, he calls on Kristina, Erin and Natalie.  As ever, Kristina gets men who look like they'll be better than they are, Natalie gets SPORTSMEN and Erin is stuck with some old duffers.
- Costume lady Vicky does love to have Dani's dresses on the dummy whenever Zoe comes to visit.
- Denise dislocated a rib this week rehearsing her showdance, but luckily Kimberley was there to look after her. James? Not so much.
- Denise and James are doing a greatest hits-style showdance to 'Flashdance (What A Feeling)'. Because that worked so well for Rachel Stevens.
- Louis was more nervous for the Olympics than he is for the Strictly final, because he trained for 19 years for the Olympics. Which is fair enough, when you think about it.
- Flavia's put more salsa into her salsa for the final. Again, fair enough.
- Dasher the meerkat thinks Louis and Flavia will win. Clearly voting with his/her hormones.
- Len thinks this will be the best final ever because anyone can win. Except Denise, obviously.
- Len will be doing a programme about the history of ballroom with Erin on BBC4 on 27th December.
- Both of the dances Kimberley's reprising in the final got 34 first time around. We suppose the odds were heavily in favour of that, weren't they? Still, Pasha is very confident that she can score "34 or better" this time.
- Kimberley's brother is quite fit.
- The thing Michael will miss most about the Strictly experience is Jerry's hot tub parties.
- The Strictly shimmy never really caught on.

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I didn't get to see ITT yesterday... no... BBC Wales wanted me to watch Nigella instead. Not gonna happen.