Saturday, 8 December 2012

This week on It Takes Two we have learnt...

- Natalie would rather have gone out on a 'happy dance' than their other potential choice, the paso doble.
- Natalie and Michael are sad not to have done their Viennese Waltz.  So am I :(
- Michael is pleased to have been eliminated in time for Christmas party season.
- Michael doesn't really have a bum.
- Natalie is officially Michael's best Australian friend.  Given the other Aussies he knows are his SWORN RIVALS I don't know how faint that praise is.
- Michael wants Nicky to win; Natalie wants Kimberley.
- Mickey Bubbles' first dance at his wedding was to  'Young At Heart' by Frank Sinatra. How nauseating.
- 'Cry Me a River' and 'Feelin' Good' are now apparently Mickey Bubbles songs.
- Bruno danced for Bruce in the 1970s. But then, didn't we all?
- Craig says personality is not enough to win, you need technical ability - then he says Lisa can win on her personality.  Oh Craig.
- Craig wants Dani to be more dangerous and walk a tightrope.  Now Evil Moira Ross isn't around that means he won't be taken literally, right?  Right?
- Nicky thinks Michael's shirt is what put him in the bottom two.
- Karen Hauer has not heard of Roy Keane.
- Pretty much everyone thinks dance fusion will be a hot fried mess.
- Karen Hardy is impressed with Nicky's downstairs (fnar).
- Pasha met NotJiveBunny in a bar once and, not being British, didn't realise he was an imposter.
- Natalie's dress had the fringing cut on the bias and is very contemporary.
- Julien Macdonald has dressed Liza Minnelli a few times.
- The show is attempting to teach us some sort of group dance this year. That'll end well.
- There's no double elimination this year, so unless someone breaks a leg between now and December 22nd, it's a four couple final this year.  Digital Spy has gone predictably mental with the conspiracy theories.
- Lisa made two massive mistakes on Saturday. Whether these include "attempting a quickstep in the first place" is as yet undetermined.
- Jive was an expression used by swing musicians to mean "foolish", and in time it came to describe the dance as well - and eventually it stuck.
- The jive is usually danced last in competition because it's so tiring.
- Both Kimberley and Lisa are dancing cha cha cha and tango for their dance fusion.
- This year's pro challenge involves kick-ball-changes. It made Robin's titties bounce around.  Perhaps he needs a sports bra.
- Louis wants to play Jim Carrey or Vanilla Ice in his tango-rumba. What a terrifying thought.
 Ian thinks Dani and Vincent should come out on top this week.
- Denise used to be a magician's assistant. Don't worry, we're sure she did the entire act sitting down.
- Denise can fit herself into a medium-sized suitcase.
- Robin fucked up his waltz with Patsy Kensit and let her take the blame. Worra gent.
- Pasha has the highest average score of any of the pros, with Aliona close behind. Guess who's got the lowest? Yep, Anton.
- Robin, Karen and Anton are the only currently-serving pros never to have received a ten. Natalie's had the most, and she's never even won.
- All of the winning pros from series 2-6 are no longer on the show.
- Erin didn't try in last year's pro challenge.

The women’s costumes are going to have a sense of fusion to them as well as the dances.  The men’s are going to be… more boring.
They never reuse outfits for the main show.
- Vincent fancies himself as a bit of a cockney.
- This week's random animal predicted Lisa and Robin to top the leaderboard.
- The kick-ball-change leaderboard at present has Erin in first place, Brendan in second and Robin in third.
- Rumba and tango is a weird combination because Backtat Ballas says so.

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