Monday, 3 December 2007

This week on It Takes Two, we have learnt...

- Kenny is under the impression that he is a "winner".

- Kenny and Ola are fond of the word "journey" in a non-ironic way.

- Letitia is an incredibly good sport (not that we didn't know that already). On the phone from Ipswich, she joked that she was "so delirious" on Saturday that she thought she'd got four 10s for her cha-cha-cha. Then at the end, just as she was saying goodbye to Claudia, she yelped "ow, Darren, stop it! That really hurts!" Claudia's "umm....okay. Anyway..." face was an absolute picture.

- Superfan Pauline Quirke introduced us to the verb "to ten", for example "they were just tenning all over the place".

- Erin reckons Gethin has an advantage with his posture because he has learnt the violin for years.

- Matthew turned up in the studio on Tuesday looking a bit like a Mafia gangster in a black pin-striped suit.

- Paul Whitehouse and his daughter Lauren were the Superfans on Wednesday, because someone appears to think we're interested in the embarrassed stage-struck monosyllables of an eight-year-old. Although it was nice of Whitehouse to say that Alesha is a wonderful human being. And that Craig is his favourite judge. And that Len overmarks people because he wants them to like him. Heh.

- Matt had his chest out in the studio on Tuesday. It was unclear whether this was intentional or just a missed button.

- Karen chose John and Nicole's salsa as the best dance of the series so far. A clue: no.

- James took over the Craig's midweek report slot, and said that generally he does not agree with anything Karen says. Ouch. He thought Gethin should have got 80 out of 80 on Saturday. Hooray!

- Alesha has a Spice Girls t-shirt.

- Alesha flew in a helicopter to Butlins ("I've got a gig in Minehead!" and "I'm really looking forward to going in a helicopter!" and "One two, one two, in the helicopTA comin' atCHA!") and sang Knockdown.

- Marian Keyes is bloody brilliant. She reckons that Gethin has been held back by his job, because when he is being raunchy he suddenly thinks, "Oh no! Think of the children!" She scoffed at the idea that she could enter next year, because she wouldn't be able to dance with Lilia, but then reconsidered on the basis that she might be able to dance with Darren - "Maybe they could adopt me, and take me into their home, and give me extra tuition, and I could live with them! I would love that!" Having thought about it some more, it was a definite no - "I would be ten times worse than Kate Garraway, I would be Fiona Phillips."

- Darren's favourite dance of the series was Gabby and James's salsa. The least likeable couple of the year then proceeded to whine and attempt to elicit sympathy for getting knocked out TOO EARLY. Yawn.

- Craig SANG! He performed All I Want For Christmas is a fearsomely queeny fashion.

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