Monday, 10 December 2007

This week on It Takes Two, we have learnt...

- Arlene is not happy with people voting with their hearts for Matt. It is wrong to vote with one's heart. Take note, please, Bruno.

- Head Judge Len is taking Craig out for dinner, to Burger King: "I'm going to get him a Whopper. He likes a Whopper."

- Arlene suggests that Alesha should try to be less like a lady when she is dancing the Latin section. Head Judge Len thinks that part of the problem with the paso was because Alesha's hair was loose and not tied back. Right.

- Head Judge Len whined on again about Matt only BEING 20. Shut up already. Arlene said he is an ACTOR and should be ACTING. Craig said he should have been in the dance-off. Then they all started bickering and Claudia cut them off.

- Sophie Raworth punishes her children by not letting them "watch Claudia and the dancing". BBC newsreaders as a whole seem to favour Gethin, although Nicholas Owen is a very strong advocate for Alesha.

- Claudia says that there have been a record amount of 10s given out this series, "meaning the standard is higher than ever before". No, what it actually means is that Head Judge Len and Bruno have been overmarking higher than ever before.

- Gethin's middle name is Cliff. He did not tell Sir Cliff Richard that because he might have thought it was strange.

- Alesha is a witch. But a good one. Matthew, meanwhile, is Darth Vader.

- Alesha is representing "for her girls". That's all girls, everywhere, in the world, just to clarify. She thinks she's leaving this week - "nobody likes us any more, we're the underdogs this week...I've been on a journey too!"

- Michael Ball! MICHAEL BALL! Poor Michael Ball with flu and insisting the show must go on, but mocking Gabby's naked ruthless ambition. He chose Alesha and Matt's waltz as his favourite of the series, though he failed to comment on the band's performance. He guarantees us that Matt will never forget his steps ever again.

- ERIN! COLIN! THE PUPPETS! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? And why are they reminding us of this injustice?

- Alesha and Matt are struggling not to laugh in their rehearsals for the Argentine tango. Shocker. As Matt pulled on his jacket ready to dance, Alesha commented, "I love that you're wearing a jacket!" His reply? "I love that you're wearing clothes. It makes a change." Hee!

- Matt and Flavia are bickering, and he is struggling to focus and remember the routines.

- Come Dancing's veteran judge Peggy Spencer liked John Barnes because of his natural rhythm. Her colleague Blanche Ingle is Team Alesha.

- The pro dancers all want to win. Yawn.

- Anton is on CBeebies just before Christmas. Dancing with Po. Srsly.

- Matt has deemed the dance-floor announcer man a "freak". He, Gethin, and Alesha then proceeded to do impressions of all the judges. When asked who wants to win the most, Matt screamed, "Me!", Alesha "My nans!" and Gethin "My sister!"

- Brendan is really nice when he's not competing.


bobble hat said...

Are you crazy? You said on a previous post that the singer on strictly did OK on Kissing You. Bloody hell, she murdered that song! And you also seemed to have failed to pick up on how close Gethin and Camilla were/are. Perhaps a bit jealous of Camilla?
Nevertheless it was very funny.

Carrie said...

Hello! I'm not crazy, thank you, nor am I jealous of Camilla. I can't speak for Georgi or Steve. In my opinion, though, I don't think Gethin and Camilla are out-of-the-ordinary close for Strictly partners.