Tuesday, 5 October 2010

This week on It Takes Two, we have learnt...

- The secret to success is good dancing. Who knew?
- 'Armography' is a word.
- Craig always looks for the negative.
- Ann is planning to do things in the salsa that do not belong in the salsa.
- James brings out Pamela's inner cougar.
- Felicity says "taxi" rather than "cab".
- Matt and Aliona trained for their foxtrot at a pumpkin festival.
- Katya and Aliona favour bottom-smacking as a motivational technique.
- 'Dance psychology' is a thing. Apparently.
- The dancefloor is made out of 126 individual pieces.
- Claudia was at home eating stew during Friday's show.
- Michelle puts 12 sugars in her coffee. Suddenly everything makes sense.
- Felicity can't tell her left from her right.
- Flavia is overly fond of the word "chunks".
- Manchester is like a bigger London, according to Jared. Bless.
- Peter is the only contestant who actually enjoys watching the other couples dancing.
- Tina wants the Strictly costume department to design her wedding dress. I hope she's seen what they do to Tess every week.
- Louise Redknapp watched the opener twice.
- Vincent aspires to fall down the stairs.

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