Monday, 25 October 2010

This week on It Takes Two, we have learnt...

- Len has always wanted to kiss a man with a beard to see if it feels prickly.
- Claudia thinks Alesha's laugh sounds like "something's being killed".
- Ann wants to play the bull in the paso doble.
- If Artem were a kitchen utensil, he'd be a coffee maker.
- If Claudia were to dance with a prop, she'd want it to be a live chicken.
- Claudia has got a worm at home.
- There should be no hip action whatsoever in a paso doble.
- Felicity would like to invent a machine to blow up all the weaponry in the world.
- Matt asked for a unicycle for Christmas when he was a young boy.
- Patsy brings a pillow to rehearsals for catnaps.
- Lots of people refuse to wear green because it's unlucky.
- The very idea of pleather makes Claudia feel sick. A bit like Quorn.
- Flavia is beating Jimi. With a cane.
- Tina eats a lot of bananas.
- Scott has created a character called Farquhar for dance purposes.
- Jennie Bond likes a bit of sparkling wine while she watches the show.
- The first single Craig ever bought was 'The Monster Mash'.

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