Monday, 11 October 2010

This week on It Takes Two, we have learnt...

- Craig doesn't like judges' desk being used for choreography purposes, especially when it means he has to move his notepad.
- Artem quite likes taking his shirt off.
- It's very difficult to determine who has the filthiest laugh out of Pamela and Claudia.
- A good choreographer isn't afraid to take risks. Then again...
- Ann collects teddy bears.
- Erin doesn't cry.
- Ola pronounces "smaller" to rhyme with her own name. (Note to Bruce: not "smoe-ler".)
- Paul films Ola dancing. LET'S JUST LEAVE IT THERE.
- The spin turns in a quickstep are designed specifically for the corner of the room.
- Artem would like to be able to make people feel better just by touching them. HURR HURR HURR.
- Patsy's reaction to being declared safe in the first elimination is Claudia's favourite response ever.
- Two separate couture houses are needed to make all the dresses for the show as too many are needed for them to be made in-house.
- 1.5 million individual crystals will be used on the dresses this year.
- Gavin made Katya cry four times this week.
- Ann and Anton's salsa went wrong. SHOCKER.

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