Monday, 18 October 2010

This week on It Takes Two, we have learnt...

- Len flies first-class to America to do Dancing With The Stars.
- The spin in James and Pamela's rumba that Len hated was largely Pamela's idea.
- Pamela's grandchildren call her "Goddy", which is short for "Goddess".
- Tina and Jared's rumba looks like it might have been quite good. :(
- Michelle only has a very vague grasp of how the scoring system works.
- Ian is a stricter teacher than Brendan. Allegedly.
- A square rumba requires you to step on the first beat instead of not stepping on the first beat, which is easier for novices to pick up. Apparently.
- Aliona likes custard.
- Natalie was inspired to use 'I Wanna Be Like You' for their quickstep when she heard Scott randomly singing it during rehearsals.
- Gavin is a big Peter Andre fan.
- Matt likes comparing Aliona to animals. Whether he includes female dogs on the list, we wouldn't care to speculate.
- The average speed of a charleston is 200-300bpm.
- Patsy will be playing Daisy Buchanan from The Great Gatsby in her charleston.
- Kara has a special charleston headband.
- Jimi went to Buckingham Palace with Goldie this week.
- Pamela is a scuba diver.
- Gavin's been checking out the other boys. WHAT? HE SAID THAT.

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La Cumparsita said...

Was wondering which airline Len graces in 1st class? B.A.? Or Virgin? And what happens to all the airmiles he must accumulate?