Monday, 24 October 2011

This week on It Takes Two, we have learnt...

- Couples are allowed to dance out of hold for 10 seconds in ballroom. Not that anyone is paying any attention to this whatsoever.
- Craig is never mean on a personal level, and if anyone thinks that, then they're wrong. All of his critiques come from a director/choreographer level. The more you know, and all that.
- One of the researchers wasn't paying attention to Jason's scores a week ago, because they thought Chelsee got Craig's first 9 of the series.
- Robbie wasn't actually supposed to collide with the camera on Saturday, but he got overexcited and overshot his knee slide. He's got a nasty mark on his nose now.
- Katya is not a great gossip hound, to the extent that she thought Jennifer Grey replacing Len for a week was a "full exclusive" on her KatCam backstage footage. She's still amazing, though.
- Some ladies in the audience this weekend took photos of Harry's bum. I will add their names to the list of people that I will FIGHT.
- After just two weeks, Pamela Stephenson is already running out of cod-psychological insight to draw from the training footage. Fingers crossed she'll be gone entirely by week seven.
- Zoe thinks Nancy and Anton deserve their own show. I concur, but I hope it's significantly better than Craig and Widdy on Celebrity Antiques Roadtrip.
- Anton counts in Italian for Nancy when they're training. That's quite sweet.
- The paso doble is the only Latin dance in which heel leads are allowed. Again, this assumes anyone knows or cares what the rules are any more.
- Pasha did karaoke once. Never again.
- Julien Macdonald has cut his hair short. I preferred the lovely curls he was rocking on BintModel.
- Blue is one of the hottest colours for next summer. That's right, this blog is BANG ON TREND.
- Zoe has a problem with her dropped bottom. It's best we don't ask for details.
- Dance demonstrations are rather more effective when Zoe's involved than when Claudia was.
- Practicing with your shoes off is very bad.
- Harry is giving Audley "a right pec" for his birthday. Harry is weird sometimes. PS. HARRY MY BIRTHDAY IS IN MARCH, JSYK.
- Audley and Natalie have missed two-and-a-half days of training because he had to go back to America. This would be a really good time for the "the worst the rehearsal, the better the dance" rule to kick in.
- Aliona has choreographed a vampire-themed routine for Hallowe'en. Say it with me now: try to look surprised.
- Harry and Aliona are at the top of the training leaderboard with 195 hours under their belts. Apparently at least half of this time is spent eating, burping or bickering.
- Apparently Black Swan fits in with the theme of Hallowe'en, because that's what Holly's American Smooth is based on. I don't mind telling you that when I saw that film, by far the scariest thing about it for me was ALL THE CLOSE-UPS OF FEET. *shudder*
- Chelsee is not interested in kissing Pasha. She is literally the only person in the world who feels this way.
- Alex and James have called the appels in their paso doble "Craigs", because James likes to pretend he's stamping on Craig's head, because he's awesome like that and not at all a dick or anything.
- Oddly enough, that Lady Training that Holly was DEFINITELY TAKING SERIOUSLY didn't really stick.
- Zoe and Alesha quite wish they'd had props in their day.
- Audley should probably leave the rapping to the professionals.

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