Wednesday, 2 November 2011

This week on It Takes Two, we have learnt...

- Nancy has decided to keep dancing at least three times a week. That's at least three times a week more than she managed while she was actually in the competition.
- Anton would like either Erin or Alesha to win this year. I'd be happy with either of those, especially if the only other option is Jason.
- In a fish-lift, you should have your knee facing down and not square-on. I've never had a square-on, but it sounds painful.
- Bloody Lulu didn't have as many wires for her flying as Widdy did.
- Dr Pamela's Corner Of The Obvious appears to have been cancelled. Hooray!
- Karen doesn't want to see a showdance every week. Clearly, the scars of Lisa Snowdon are still as raw for her as they are for the rest of us.
- Widdy's Question Time, sadly, lives on.
- Alex identified her role in her paso doble as "woman in white". She's clearly not one for getting hung up on building a backstory.
- Matt Baker is Alex's "fifth judge". He can't be worse than Darcey Bussell, anyway.
- I'm still ignoring all the segments about the dresses as a matter of principle.
- Harry appears to have been seriously drinking Aliona's Khoreography Kool-Aid.
- Aliona thinks Harry looks like a sloth.
- Anita's word for a dance step she's got wrong is a "doodleflap".
- Princess Beatrice is voting for Holly. Unless Prince Charles vetoes it. (POLITICAL COMMENT!!!!)
- Holly's worried that for the jive Artem is going to make her do upside down things. He's going to have to do a lot of explaining to Kara, etc etc.
- Jason chose the music for his rumba with Kristina: 'Killing Me Softly With His Song', which is his dad Doug Willis's favourite song. It also reminds Zoe of a bedsit, but it's best we don't delve too deeply there.
- Holly is wearing men's shoes this week.
- Jennifer Grey's English accent is not great, but her Len impression is still better than Rory's.
- Alesha has inadvertently been the conduit for Russell Grant striking up a Twitter friendship with Kylie Minogue.
- Pasha "had a professional look" after Chelsee's feared nip-slip to make sure nothing was showing. Anyone wanting a "professional look" at Pasha, form an orderly queue behind me.
- Melc wants to do a version of the show somewhere because Scary and Baby both had such a good time. However, she did have dance lessons as a child and would therefore be a DIRTY RINGER.
- BIGGINS did Chitty Chitty Bang Bang with Jason and he (Jason) was not a good dancer at the time. Hmm, can't imagine what those alleged extra dance lessons he took before starting the show might have done to change things since then.
- Ola still occasionally needs to remind herself that the results are done on SUNDAY. Sunday. Definitely not Saturday. Sunday.


F a t i m a said...

You missed that Robin revealed he weighs 80kg. It was when Zoe speculated that Anita might lift him during their Charleston. I think she should have a go.

F a t i m a said...

And if there is not at least one joke about watching Pasha wax off in this week's coverage, I'll be extremely disappointed.

Steve said...

I'd be happy for Pasha to wax me off anyt-- [JOKE REDACTED.]