Monday, 21 November 2011

This week on It Takes Two, we have learnt...

- Robin will not be dancing this weekend because he's got a foot infection, so guess what? BRENDAN'S BACK AGAIN. As a result, Zoe now calls him "Rent-A-Pro".
- Russell thinks he "left 'em wanting more". I think the fact that you got voted out implies that you probably didn't, love.
- Robbie is familiar with 'All About You' by McFly.
- James's sense of humour extends to LOLFATJOKES about Craig. I guess we've established who's replacing Bruce when he eventually goes.
- Craig thinks "we've never had a celebrity who was entertaining but could also put one foot in front of the other". Did he just call all the winners boring?
- Holly thinks it was "fun" that she was in the bottom two, because she was getting too comfortable. I LOVE HOLLY SO MUCH.
- Artem is royally pissed off with Len for suddenly deciding that he's going to start caring about illegal lifts now, so now he's going to stick an illegal lift in his foxtrot as a giant Foxtrot Oscar to Len. This is why Artem is great, readers.
- Alex thought her Strictly experience would come and go without a nine, and now she's got three. Or four if you count that time that James got so angry in training he started scolding her in German.
- Zoe's quite good at speaking Welsh as long as she's got a cue card to prompt her.
- James thinks he and Alex have been hard done by in the call-out order of who's safe this series. Yes, that's right, James has found something ELSE to act the martyr over.
- If Karen were paying someone to open a showcase spectacular that she was choreographing, it'd be Robbie and Ola. Really? Okay.
- The best dance to get for Wembley if you're a professional is the quickstep because it allows you to cover the floor. Note: professional. Not Holly Valance, professionally not giving a shit since...well, ever.
- The fashion segment is boring again without Melissa Odabash.
- Having said that, there were 4,000 crystals on Chelsee's samba dress, which is quite impressive.
- Anita's reaction to being offered Rent-A-Pro as a partner for the week was "Oh! That's an...opportunity..." LOLLERSKATES.
- Not so much a thing we've learned, more the HIGHLIGHT OF OUR WEEK:
Aliona: What if they drop me? Who's going to dance with you, huh?
Harry: (considering this) Brendan?
- Brendan made an as-yet-unbroadcast VT a few weeks back called something like "Captain Big Boy". What did this involve? Strictly Come Bitching insists: we must be told.
- The trick to succeeding in the swingathon is to catch the judges' eyes really early on. For good reasons, presumably.
- Zoe likes the idea of Pasha dressed as a doctor. STOP GIVING US FEELINGS, ZOE.
- Earlie this week, Chelsee tweeted that she loved Pasha, then she deleted it. This is the greatest romance of the century. *grabs popcorn*
- Alex is not vain, but would like to still have her face when the series is over. This seems reasonable enough to us, but we're sure James will have plenty to say on the matter.
- Harry's voice goes weird when he's nervous. Great, like I needed more reasons to find him adorable.
- Harry would be willing to wear a leotard like the one Bruno wore in the 'I'm Still Standing' video, if so required.
- Aliona thinks she's been on good form this season and playing by the rules. I kind of love her for thinking that. I also kind of hate Len for making me love Aliona.
- Everyone wants to be locked in a room with Artem.
- Wardrobe lady Nicola refers to the "Arg Tango". I think she banged her head and thought she was working on The Only Way Is Essex.
- Kristina thinks Ian jinxed them last week.
- Jason has a slight asthma problem.
- Robbie and Ola's lifts went wrong in dress rehearsals. Quite how this differs from what we saw on the live show is unclear.
- Ola didn't choreograph much salsa into her routine because the song wasn't a salsa song. That's the worst excuse I've ever heard.
- The Duchess of Cornwall is a big fan of Strictly.
- You're not allowed on the set of Miranda unless you're a big fan of Strictly.
- Patricia Hodge will not dance for you on demand, no matter how much you ask.
- Princes Charles is a Kristina fan. I bet he was voting for John Sergeant.
- Harry has never sounded more middle-class than when he's discussing the Queen.


Unknown said...

Sorry Steve, but I wasn't overly impressed by Zoe's Welsh. :p
Other than that, as ever no arguments. Especially re. Rent-A-Pro/ Harry Judd pairing, which absolutely MUST be done, even if it's just on ITT.


Steve said...

Ha, I wondered if someone might call me on that. I speak about six words of Welsh, so I'm not really in much of a position to comment, but it sounded like a decent facsimile of Welsh, so I took a punt. :)