Friday, 27 November 2015

This week on It Takes Two, we have learnt...

- Jamelia thought she was in with a chance of surviving until they re-recorded Peter’s “standing ovation” (and yes, she did the air-quotes) and then she knew she was toast.
- Judging by Zoe’s reaction, this is not a thing that we were supposed to know about, but clearly Jamelia doesn’t care who hears it <3
- Jamelia liked her quickstep hair because it made her look a bit like Nicki Minaj.
- Tristan doesn't think they should have left last weekend.
- They are still promoting BLACKPOOL even though that was last weekend.
- Jeremy went for a kebab on Saturday after he’d finished clubbing.
- Paul the floor manager is TERRIBLE at celebrity impressions.
- Jay doesn’t feel very Cuban, so he channeled a LADZ HOLIDAY to Benidorm for his salsa.
- Aliona’s training process doesn’t involve music on day one, and frequently not on day two either.
- Jay’s reaction to a cute kid is a desire to cut off its hair, hands and feet, then put it in a bag and kick it.
- Aliona and her husband Vincent took Jay to Blackpool where he watched Avatar in the car and got excited by them having a pub dinner on the way.
- Aliona and Jay can play the piano, although Jay claims he can only play one song, by Counting Crows.
- Aliona and Jay were going to have fire and ice in their dance but Aliona isn't sure she wants that after all and hasn't told the production team yet.
- It was Zoe's birthday on Monday.
- Karen Hardy started dancing at the age of 5, Tristan started at the age of 9, Aliona started ballet at 5 and moved to latin/ballroom at 11.
- Even five year olds have noticed it's easier to get high marks in Charleston than other dances.
- Aliona thinks you can get away with murder in a Charleston if you give a good performance.
- Kevin told Kellie to act like a wardrobe for their quickstep.
- Kevin completely messed up the dress rehearsal at Blackpool.
- Masterful Gleb makes Zoe come over all funny.  She's not the only one.
- Karen thinks Giovanni and Georgia just did another Viennesse Waltz on Saturday and there wasn't much American Smooth content.
- Natalie’s heard a rumour that Ola can’t cook.
- Oti is a messy cook.
- Oti started dancing at the age of 4.
- Oti has two elder sisters: the first one did Strictly Germany, the second one did Strictly South Africa, and now Oti’s doing Strictly UK they’re officially an international dance dynasty. TAKE THAT, CLIFTONS!
- Peter texted Janette two hours before his performance on Saturday to say he felt really heavy-footed. Text? Why couldn’t he tell her? What was going on?
- Peter thinks he got his first ever 10 from Len. Poor Darcey.
- Apparently the outcome of the Blackpool dance-off has been attracting quite a lot of complaints.
- The official party line is that Jamelia vs Peter was VERY CLOSE.
- Len sometimes regrets the scores that he gives.
- The dance-off verdicts will now come with explanations like Big Brother nominations.  I wonder if they will have to make a 'legitimate' reason as on BB too.
- Oti doesn’t know what linguine is.
- Natalie still cooks despite what happened on Celebrity MasterChef.
- Natalie used to go 'prawning' with her dad when she was a kid.
- Natalie started dancing at 3 and won Australian Strictly once.
- Ian Waite is apparently trying to Single White Female Jay.
- There are dirty foot and hand prints all over the floor of Jay and Aliona's dance studio.  Could these be for a comedy VT?
- Gleb wears purple socks.
- Helen is glad she didn’t have to look at the multiple dancing Helens because she would have found it quite scary.
- Aljaž loves a fleckerl.
- Jason Gilkinson was torn between doing an Argentine tango group number or the Lindyhop for Blackpool, but we’ll probably get the group Argentine tango routine next year.
- Aljaž is the naughtiest pro according to Jason Gilkison.
- Jason is looking forward to seeing Jamelia and Carol come back for the end-of-series group routine. And Jeremy.
- Anita finds her paso doble quite funny to watch back.
- Getting a nine from Craig meant more to Anita than getting a 10 from Darcey.
- Anita hasn’t cried yet. On Strictly at least.
- Katie will be wearing turquoise in her Argentine Tango because she only recently wore black in the rumba.
- Apparently Ola’s objection to rigging competitions does not extend to her rigging Strictly Come Dining in her own favour.
- The viewers’ favourite female winner of all time is…Kara! (I voted for Alesha, but I’m happy with any winner that isn’t Abbey Fucking Clancy tbh.)
- Apparently you get very used to seeing everybody in their pants when you do Strictly. Sounds fun.
- That doesn't excuse us having to see Anton in his (which are blue).
- Lilia called Aled Jones “Shrek and five bellies” on his first day of rehearsal.
- Katie liked watching Anton 'choreograph all the boys'.  I so hope that isn't a euphemism.
- Anton thinks he and Katie should’ve saved one of their nines from Blackpool for future use.
- Katie quite enjoyed Anton having to learn the Argentine tango at the same time she was learning it.
- Anton got kicked by the choreography during training and had “an aching throb for quite a while”.
- Eamonn Holmes thinks Strictly should be full of middle-aged people, but then he also thinks Jay isn’t formally trained.
- Ruth Langsford hasn't yet learned that the tango and the Argentine tango are not the same thing.
- Eamonn Holmes would forgive a lot of mistakes if he liked the music.  Let's hope he's not being lined up as an emergency judge.
- Karen Clifton finds being in a laundry a lot of fun. Must be some wild nights at Chez Clifton.
- There was a slight error in Georgia’s lift at Blackpool because the back-up dancer who was meant to be lifting her grabbed a handful of her dress instead of her leg.
- Strictly physio takes place in a kitchen.
- Giovanni thought Blackpool was too cold.
- Giovanni will not be topless for Georgia’s paso, but he was topless in rehearsals to make up for it.
- When Giovanni 'capes', he looks like he's performing a magic trick.  If the Strictly choreographers are taking ideas, make sure you credit us.
- Zoe’s Danish pronunciation is even worse than mine.
- The Danish version of Strictly had some quite hot men on it this year.
- The Danish version of It Takes Two has a title that translates as “Step By Step”, and it is only on two days a week.
- The Danish judges have '1' paddles and actually use them.
- Karen Hardy calls the Clauditorium 'Claudia's area', filthy so and so.
- Janette's standard of what is funny has lowered somewhat because of Peter.
- Kellie has been advising Peter on how to recover from a bottom two appearance.
- Kevin is considering boxing another couple into a corner during the quickstepathon, or possibly taking a dive.
- Janette, however, seems excited about the idea of driving across the floor through everyone else at speed.  Possibly in a car, she didn't specify.
- Zoe took her Aljaž mask home and made Norman wear it.
- Eamonn Holmes thinks the public will have turned against Peter, but Ruth Langsford does not.
- Ruth Langsford salsas while she’s cooking, but Eamonn Holmes does not.
- Eamonn Holmes thinks Jay, Anita, Helen and Georgia are definitely not going home this weekend. 
- Ruth Langsford wants Georgia to win, Eamonn Holmes wants Katie to win “because it may be Anton’s last series and he’s very old”, and Kimberly Wyatt wants Helen to win.


Penny said...

You guys should know that we have just got back from 3 weeks holiday and one of the first things we had to do was catch up on watching Strictly so that we could then allow ourselves the fun of reading this blog and violently agreeing with it.

PS - it took over an hour to read so goodness knows how long it took to put together. All your hard work and sacrifice is fully appreciated!

PPS we plan to skip watching "It takes 2" for a couple of weeks and just rely on your summary while we catch up on Only Connect, Dr Who and everything else filling up our sky box.

Rad said...

It's worth watching Jamelia's bit from Monday but yeah, I wouldn't watch any more than that. Il