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It Takes Twelve To Tango

First all-celebrities dance: 20th October 2007

It's Saturday, it's 5.45 (I know the show's an hour and a half long, but this seems ridiculously early) [can't have Strictly and X-Factor running at different times, can we? - Carrie] [except those BASTARDS AT ITV moved X-Factor 15 minutes earlier anyway. - Steve][It's as though they don't realise people have Sky+ and can watch both - Georgi] and, according to Tess Daly, the PRESSURE is INTENSE - it's boys against girls! Whoop!

The costume department have obviously hearkened to Steve's advice, because Tess's dress is much better this week. [Yes! She looked so much better this week. - Steve] Although it does look a bit like her breasts have been taped into place with gold tape. Her hair is looking bouncy too. I do wonder though, Tess still looks so awkward doing her little dance with Bruce at the start of the show every week - you'd think she would have improved in the past four years. Bruce opens the show with his usual wibbling, something to do with a bucket and spade and his make-up woman... blah blah, whatever. Here are the 12 couples competing tonight. Several of the ladies are competing for the tiniest costume award; I think Flavia probably wins this week. Sorry, Lilia - your dress just isn't revealing enough on the front. [Lilia looks positively demure this week! - Carrie] Of the men, James Jordan is looking particularly dashing in his open-chested shirt and braces.

Brucie reminds us that Stephanie Beacham was thrilled to be kicked out last week, and apparently this week it is men versus women. Why weren't we informed? The phone lines are open already, before anyone has even danced, which just shows that Strictly is as much a popularity contest as a dance competition. Tonight the couples will be dancing the jive or the tango.

Gabby and James are up first, dancing the jive. Gabby was pretty pissed off at her poor scores last week, and Bruce tells the judges they better watch out for Kenny if they're mean to Gabby again this week. I'd have thought as long as Kenny and Ola get a decent score, they won't have too much to worry about. In the rehearsal footage, James displays an impressive tattoo on his arm, and says he is "taking control" this week - I should think so too. Get that woman into line, like you do at home with Ola. Rrrr. [Pause here while I have my usual divergence into fantasties about James and Ola's home life. OK, good, moving on now - Carrie] Gabby is concerned that Kenny will gloat if he gets higher scores, but let's face it, she's probably not having sleepless nights over that. They're dancing to Elton John's 'Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting'. At times Gabby looks as though she's getting left behind a bit, but mostly the jive suits her as an athletic, energetic dance. I note James choreographed a cheeky arse-slap into the routine too - the jive's all about cheekiness. [We almost get a little too much cheekiness, as James's braces ping unclipped, and he performs an expertly dextrous sleight of hand to whip them off and sling them off to the side, dancing all the while. - Carrie] Gabby finishes off with a cartwheel and the splits. Show-off. [My thoughts exactly. - Steve] Over to the judges. Len explains that in the jive he's looking for sharp, fast flicks and kicks, in hold and apart, and Gabby and James have demonstrated everything he's after, at which point James kisses Gabby's hair. Aaah. [That must mean he really likes her! James does seem really fond of Gabby, in utter contrast to his regular stand-up rows with Georgina last year. - Carrie] Bruno says although Gabby made a few mistakes, they really "got the party started". Craig says she had one timing issue, but the routine was "technically clean and accurate" and she's a star. Arlene tries for an ill-advised musical reference as usual - "Saturday night and the fight is on and you started it!" As though she hasn't embarrassed herself enough, she continues, "It's like you Googled jive and pressed the key and got it all." [First shout of 'Fuck off, Arlene!' of the night from me. - Carrie] Backstage with Tess, Gabby is a lot happier than she was last week and says she wants to do it again (not realising the obvious ramification that dancing again would mean she was in the dance-off "tomorrow") [which makes her officially less clever than Alesha. Hee! - Steve]. Tess is impressed that Gabby can do the splits - "She's a mum! She's got twins! She can do the splits!" Last time I checked, having been pregnant didn't make you less flexible. [Although giving birth to twins may leave you with a rather huge scar depending on episiotomy. Perhaps Tess will remind us of Gabby's twin-mother status all series, as we had with Carol "mother of three" Smillie last year. - Carrie] The scores are in: 8 from Craig, 7 from Arlene (which the audience boo, although it's still a respectable score), 8s from Len and Bruno, for a total of 31.

Next up, Gethin and Camilla. Bruce jokes that Gethin went down to the Blue Peter studios and came back with two yoghurt pots held together with sticky-backed plastic - but Camilla will have to wear more than that! Ha ha ha. Gethin was disheartened by the judges' comments last week because he thought he had done a pretty good job. Aww. The tango is all about the man being in charge and being aggressive - how will Gethin cope? Camilla says he's not frightened of touching her anymore, and Gethin says he has finally become a man. Bless. He's going to look after Camilla (apparently being a man means being patronising and sexist) and give it some attitude. Whoop! Back on the dancefloor, they're dancing to Spandau Ballet's 'Gold'. Hence Camilla's gold dress. The costume department really put some thought into that one. Gethin seems to have most of the steps, but there's a lack of drive and they're slow across the floor. Where's that aggression, Gethin? [But when they finish, Gethin kisses Camilla on the nose. Aww. - Carrie.] Bruce picks Gethin up on saying, "I'm in charge," apparently an old catchphrase of his - old enough that nobody alive remembers it, Bruce. Give it up. Len tells us the tango has no rise and fall, a tighter hold and sharp movements; in Gethin's case the moves were there, but the passion was lacking. Bruno calls him a "Welsh dragon" and compliments his hold and posture, but says he needs more fire. Craig says there are no hips in the tango, so it could be the dance for him, but it lacked drama, drive and energy, his head movements weren't sharp enough and his balance went. Despite this, Craig calls it his "best so far" - so better than week one, then. [I'd love to know what Craig's beef with Gethin is. I know Craig's a bitch generally, but he always seems to be particularly bitchy to Gethin. - Steve] Arlene doesn't do much except drool, saying she was glad she said, "Bring on the men!" last week. She's going to call him Gorgeous Gethin, but I'm sure someone has thought of that before, and says if he could sort out his heel leads, the passion and drama would follow. Backstage, Gethin seems pleased enough although he has "lots to work on", particularly more passion. Scores: 6 from Craig, 7 from Arlene, 8s from Len and Bruno, for a total of 29. I think Len and Bruno were being a bit generous there.

Still to come! Ian drops Penny, Kenny does the tango, and Matt gets all shouty in rehearsals.

Penny and Ian are next. Bruce makes a joke about Rod Stewart's black eye, the upshot of which seems to be that Penny is taller than Rod. Yawn. Penny has gained confidence from the great marks she got from the judges for her quickstep last week - 33 points, joint top of the leaderboard. However, the jive is difficult for tall people (boo hoo) [Shit sob-story, kids. "Vote for us! We're tall!" I mean, come on. - Carrie] and Penny's worried she won't be able to keep control of her flailing limbs. Her dad says she has always been clumsy, and she describes herself as "a bull in a china shop". This will be interesting then. They're dancing to Queen's 'Don't Stop Me Now', which has a bit of a long intro before it really gets into the dance, including some very Westlife arm movements which have me questioning Ian's cheoreographical talent. Once they get going, Penny's legs do seem to be having trouble keeping up. Mind you, she can do the splits too - take that, Gabby! Bruno says the jive is a difficult dance for Penny, who has "legs as long as a giraffe". Craig calls her "gangly, lumpy, laboured, disappointing", and says that if it's difficult, she needs to work harder; a reasonable comment, but of course the audience boo him. [Drink! - Carrie] Arlene says she's long and leggy, but her legs are lazy; Ian is proof that you can be tall but have sharp moves. Len points out that Ian has been dancing since he was six years old, and Penny coped well and gave it her best shot. Bruno calls her a "gorgeous bluebell" but says she needs to focus on her technique and get it sharper. Bruce tries to console Penny, but backstage with Tess she's in tears, with Ian saying, "She went for it. You can't ask for more"; she says she worked on the control but just couldn't do it. Which is fair enough, but don't expect the judges not to give you a hard time for it. Tess says she looks beautiful, as though that will make up for it. Judges' scores: 5 from Craig, 6 from Arlene, who says, "It wasn't that bad!", 7s from Len and Bruno, for a still fairly respectable total of 25.

Bruce introduces Kenny and Ola with a comment that he's not going to make a joke in every introduction, "You probably won't notice but I thought I'd tell you anyway." Ho ho ho. [Ah, see, this was the first time I laughed at any of Bruce's links for the past four years. Good work! - Carrie][It's only funny because it's true. - Georgi] Kenny opines on his journey already on the show, with emotive piano music in the background. [And Kenny wheels out his sob-story - he's dyslexic and thus finds it difficult to memorise steps. - Carrie][I think the music blocked out the actual words. I just heard, "Whine, cry, poormepoormepoorme." - Georgi] Ola says the usual stuff about how he has improved, and Kenny says he's enjoying every day. They dance to 'Call Me' by Blondie, but the terrible rendition of the in-house band - what is wrong with the female singers this series? They've been awful. Kenny has drive, but he's unsure of his footwork. He has improved, but is still lacking rhythm. Over to the judges. Bruno says, "You went for it like Conan the Barbarian!" but thought it was "too much, too steamy" and needed "more finesse." Craig says it "had the required tension" but he didn't believe the lead and body contact was broken. A bit harshly, he accuses him of having "hands like gorillas". Oh well, maybe there's a future for him in advertising Dairy Milk. Arlene says there was "high drama upstairs" but "nasty footwork". Kindly Head Judge Len says he liked it. Bruce ushers them backstage with a "You're my favourites!" and ponders whether "the rugby star will get another try?" Backstage, Tess says she thought the tango was supposed to masterful, and Gabby says she's proud of him and thought he was masterful. Ola reckons Kenny has improved, but he's still having trouble hearing the beat. The scores are in: 6s from Craig and Arlene, which the crowd don't seem to know whether to boo or cheer for, and settle on both, 7 from Len and 6 from Bruno, for a total of 25.

Apparently it is the first time the men and women have battled against each other!!!!!!!!!!!!1111!!1!

Bruce says Matt is, "Sexy, young, good-looking... and getting on my nerves." Matt was petrified when he had to dance in week one. He compares it to "taking your driving test, sitting your GCSEs and losing your virginity in front of the nation". [Ew. - Carrie] He doesn't want to let Flavia down though, and he's getting angry and frustrated in rehearsals when he doesn't get it right. Flavia says Matt is "vulnerable", but says all he needs to do is get his personality into the routine. Matt knows he "has to let go" to impress the judges with his jive. They're dancing to 'Shake, Rattle and Roll' - most famously recorded by Bill Haley and his Comets although the original was by Big Joe Turner, I am reliably(?) informed by Wikipedia - a great old-school rock'n'roll number. Matt's costume is a bit odd: a flesh-coloured t-shirt (or possibly vest, can't tell) [I thought it was more orangey, or Flavia-coloured. - Carrie] under an unbuttoned black shirt, suggesting that maybe he's not brave enough to get his chest out. Boo! However, he really throws himself into the routine, as promised. There are a few awkward transitional moves, but all the basics are there. Arlene says there were "kicks, flicks, pivots... you could be a star!" Len says it was "fantastic". Matt has surprised everyone. Bruno says he knew Matt could do it, but "don't lose the steps", whatever that means. Craig doesn't get a look-in. Bruce: "Is the soap star's bubble about to burst?" Backstage, Tess reveals that Matt has been feeling the stress today and cried earlier in rehearsals. Matt says he lost it halfway through, but nobody seems to have noticed. Judges' scores: 7 from Craig, 7 from Arlene, who assures us that they did notice the mistakes, 8s from Len and Bruno, for a total of 30. Matt seems a bit shellshocked.

Bruce says Kate was in pain last week but the judges were a bit harsh considering "she didn't have a leg to stand on". The gags just keep on coming. [I missed the beginning of that gag when I was watching, but I was really hoping it was a reference to Heather Mills on Dancing with the Stars. Oh well, never mind. - Steve] Still, this week Kate's got no excuses and something to prove. The trouble is, she's not used to being sexy. In rehearsal, Anton points out that she has "better equipment" than him, and he still looks sexier than her. [Bless Anton, he gets cajoling, flattery and mirth into one finely-honed sentence. - Carrie] Kate is worried that she might giggle when Anton looks like he's going to ravage her. Hee. She wants to look sexy for her husband, who will be in the audience next week. I'm getting quite concerned for the state of Kate's marriage when she seems so desperate to impress him all the time. [Indeed, as is Anton, judging by his, "How did you ever get married?" comment. - Carrie] Kate and Anton are tango-ing to 'They' by Jem, which doesn't seem Anton's type of thing, being the traditionalist that he is, but anyway. Kate looks like she's getting left behind quite a lot, and her footwork's pretty clumsy. There's a bit of drama though, and a big finish. Craig manages to sound quite pretentious, saying Kate "lacks confidence" and "didn't commit emotionally to the steps". Arlene says it was "like Anton was whispering sweet nothings in your ear and you weren't listening", and it lacked drama. Bruno calls it "distant and vacant", and wanted more of a performance. Bruce calls Kate and Anton his favourites and wonders whether the judges will "save the breakfast presenter's bacon". Backstage, Tess reminds us again that Kate wanted to impress her chubby, be-mulleted husband. Kate says she can "only get better". The scores are in: 4 from Craig, 5s across the rest of the board, for a disappointing total of 19. Anton looks annoyed, claiming the dance was better than that, and says the judges aren't giving Kate enough credit. Awww. [True, though. - Carrie] Kate begs the viewers to save her again, but I'm not sure her fans will keep on saving her unless she starts earning it.

Dom and Lilia are up next. Bruce refers to the group dance last week, when Dom "played Lilia and Flavia's behinds like tom-toms". he tries to get the band to participate in his joke. It doesn't really work. Since Dom got good marks for his cha-cha-cha in week one, he's realised he has potential and has been working Lilia hard and taking it all very seriously. [Cue rehearsal footage with Lilia bellowing, "SHUT UP!!!!" in his face. - Carrie] They hope that his hard work mixed with his cheeky personality will give their jive the winning formula. Dom asks Lilia if she thinks about dance moves in bed. She looks pretty fed up. They're dancing to a song I don't know, but which I assume is called 'Candyman'. [Yep, by the wonderful Christina Aguilera. - Carrie] For some inexplicable reason it starts with a whistle to call Lilia to his side (part of the song? not sure) [not that I recall - Steve] and gets better from there; the kicks and flicks are all pretty good, but Dom's arms are terrible, so expect arm-Nazi Arlene to pick him up on that. There's also a costume malfunction when one of Dom's braces comes undone. Bruce points out that it's a good thing it was only one, otherwise his trousers might have fallen down and Lilia would be playing on his tom-toms. Arlene calls it a "jolly jape of a jive", but Dom had timing issues and "arms like Andy Pandy", which Bruce says "dates her", although surely you don't have to be that ancient to have heard of Andy Pandy. [And it's probably the only thing that's dated Arlene in years. Thank you, I'll be here all week! Don't forget to tip your waitress! - Steve] Len says their jive was fun but Dom was "flat-footed", and suggests imagining he was standing at a urinal - on his toes. It's not like Len to lower the tone, and he gets a telling-off from Bruce. Bruno says Dom went for it "lock, stock and two smoking barrels", but he doesn't listen to the music. Craig compliments Lilia on her "beautiful choreography" and disagrees with Arlene, saying Dom's arms were "nicely placed". Not sure what he's being so nice about - even I noticed how bad Dom's arms were! Backstage, Lilia thinks it was nonsense and Dom had great hands, but Dom says a couple of moves went wrong and harps on about his braces coming off because Lilia was supposed to pull him up with them. He was pleased with Craig's comments though. For all that, the judges' scores are pretty consistent: 6s from Craig, Arlene and Bruno, 7 from Len, for a total of 25.

Bruce scuttles into view just in time for Tess to throw back to him - oh, the crazy world of live TV! - and then messes up Letitia's introduction by referring to the "Old Vic" instead of the "Queen Vic", but soldiers on with his so-called joke regardless. Letitia is feeling the pressure after her poor rumba last week, and the tango has some tricky steps. She claims to have "aged in fear". Darren says Letitia "needs to be comfortable with herself" and that the only person who can lose the competition for her is herself; he thinks she has the talent to be a contender. Letitia and Darren are tango-ing to Madonna's 'Material Girl', for some reason - it's probably a favourite from Darren's record collection. But where's the story and the drama? The singing is terrible, yet again. Letitia gets most of the steps okay, including a good spin on one leg, but it lacks passion. Over to the judges. Bruno says that Letitia is an actress: she needs to find the character and the dance comes, but she needs to stay in character for the whole dance. Craig says the "energy was amazing" but there was "too much rise and fall" and her hold was wrong. Arlene says their relationship is starting to work, but it's as though they "spent the night having an intellectual discussion about the tango". She calls Letita a "drama queen" and says she's getting there. There's obviously no time for comments from Head Judge Len. Bruce asks rhetorically if "the woman from the Queen Vic will get scores fit for a king". Backstage - blah. Judges' scores: 6 from Craig, 7 from everyone else, for a total of 27. The audience seem to have got their priorities straight and decided that 6 is worthy of booing.

Next up, John and Nicole. Bruce jokes that wearing yellow skin-tight lycra wasn't as embarrassing for John as wearing the Charlton strip. I get the feeling most of the audience aren't big football fans because the joke goes down like a lead balloon. [Are you saying that Strictly and professional football do not in fact have a huge crossover audience? Shocker. - Carrie] [Well, some of the gays who watch Strictly for the dancing probably watch football for the fit men in shorts, but I imagine they're a minority. - Steve] Like Dom and Lilia, John has been working Nicole hard in rehearsals, refusing to have coffee breaks and the like. He even missed the England game to train! Nicole has given him some more difficult moves as a result. John looks to be working up quite a sweat training for the jive, so it's not a surprise that he's dropping the pounds - although he also drops Nicole on her front. Ouch! [Don't worry, sure the silicone will cushion the blow. Allegedly. - Carrie][Maybe that's why she and Matthew divorced; he doesn't seem like a big fan of breasts. - Georgi] John and Nicole are dancing to Jackie Wilson's 'Reet Petite', another jumping rock'n'roll tune. John certainly has the energy needed for the jive and his footwork isn't bad, but he needs to work on his hands. He doesn't drop Nicole at the end of the routine, but nearly grabs her tits. Still, it's her choreography. Arlene describes John's footwork as "tasty" and "rhythmical", then makes some comment I didn't really understand about "sloppy seconds". Len says what he likes about John is that, "You dance like a bloke," says he was "casual and relaxed" and he found that "charming". Bruno says John is "naturally engaging" and his footwork was good, but he hunches over and he needs to watch his hands. Craig says John is "fearless", and that he made a mistake with his arms - "Your top half does its own thing" - but his feet were good. Backstage, there seems to be an impromptu singalong going on. Tess asks inanely whether the fancy footwork John was known for as a footballer helped with the kicks. I imagine doing the jive is just like playing football. The judges' scores are in: 6 from Craig, 7 from the rest, for a total of 27.

Bruce tells us that Willie had bragged to him that he could clear a table in ten minutes; "That's nothing - I can clear a theatre in half that!" Willie was suffering from a lack of confidence in week one, but the positive comments from the judges have buoyed him and he, too, is working his professional partner hard, getting up at 7am to train before going off to his day job. Dennis Taylor pops into rehearsals to check out Willie's tango and seems impressed, calling him a "dark horse". Willie, just don't take any tips from Dennis - I don't think they'll help. Willie seems to be enjoying himself and wants to stay in the competition. Willie and Erin are tango-ing to some kind of traditional tango music. [A fine choice. I hate tangoes and pasos to pop music. - Carrie] Willie is trying to look aloof and commanding but just seems to be gazing into the distance. His footwork is pretty good. The musicality of Erin's choreography is excellent, but there's not much to get excited about. Len says Willie did a good job - "There were no balls where there should be heels" - but his posture isn't great. Bruno describes Willie's posture as "like a polar bear in the Sahara", as though that made any sense. Craig says he was "hunching like a walrus" and needs to "take command". Arlene doesn't say much about Willie's dancing, but tells Erin it was the best-choreographed tango of the evening. Bruce says they're his favourites and they are "off backstage for another break". Willie seems popular with the other competitors, and tempts us with the idea of seeing his samba next week - "These are manboobs worth watching!" Hee. Erin says he'll have great hips too. Back to the judges for their scores: 5 from Craig, 6s from everyone else, for a total of 23.

Alesha and Matthew are up next. Alesha says the competition has brought out the competitive spirit in her, and the jive makes her feel like "a kid in a candy store". She has a lot of energy, so the jive ought to be a good outlet for it. Matthew says Alesha "will try anything" and she's going to throw herself into it. It amuses me how she orders him around in rehearsals, calling him "Cutler". Alesha says she wants to "tear up the dancefloor" and get everyone up and dancing. I think she's been watching 'Dirty Dancing' too much. [I love Alesha. Watching her makes me happy. - Carrie] [Me too! Also, my mum, who I consider to be the quintessential middle England Strictly viewer and therefore a good indicator of who will do well, told me before the show that she really likes 'that Mis-Teeq girl', so Alesha's definitely doing something right. - Steve] Yet another good song choice for the jive - 'Shake Your Tailfeather', made famous by the Blues Brothers - and Alesha looks just fantastic. Her hands are great, her footwork is flawless, and their synchronisation is excellent. Definitely the best dance of the night (although there's one still to come). Bruce says Alesha's dress is lovely, "Pity they didn't have time to finish it." It is pretty miniscule, but good on her that she can compete with the professional ladies on that count. [It looks like it's made from Louisa Lytton's leftovers last year, and is apparently the first-ever hot-pant outfit to be seen on the show. - Carrie] Craig says the dance was fantastic and Alesha's finishes were excellent, but makes some little pernickety point that isn't worth dwelling on. Arlene says she was rocking and rolling; the jive is the dance of youth and she hopes Alesha's dance will get the young people on their feet. And on the phone, presumably, voting. Len describes it in three words: "fun, fast, fantastic". Bruno doesn't get a say, which is a shame because I'm sure he had an incomprehensible metaphor lined up. Backstage, Tess says they were "hot" and "phenomenal", which is a word she has used several times tonight, and Alesha says she had so much fun and that she's "having the time of my life", which just proves the point about 'Dirty Dancing'. Judges' scores: 9s across the board, for the highest total so far this series, 36. [Yay! I was just thinking at this point that we hadn't had a nine all evening and I was hoping Alesha would get one; I was over the moon when she got four of 'em. - Steve]

The final couple to dance is Kelly and Brendan doing the tango. Last week the judges thought their rumba was sizzlingly sexy, but Kelly says it's "so embarrassing" that they're saying that when her fiance is in the room. Doesn't Billy Zane have movies to make or something? [I doubt it. - Steve] Brendan says it's difficult to get better when they did so well last week, but he's being tougher this week, and we see them slapping each other in rehearsals. I hope Billy doesn't take it the wrong way. [They were on It Takes Two on Friday, and apparently Kelly stormed out of rehearsal and Brendan had to chase her down the street! Obviously it wasn't staged or anything, and the fact that photographers were waiting for them was coincidental. - Carrie] Kelly is wearing a stunning red dress and has her acting face on. [Hee! That was exactly what I thought! - Carrie] They're dancing to ABBA's 'Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)'. Oh, Brendan, and you wonder why people think you're gay. I'm expecting high drama, and they deliver. Kelly does good high kicks and flicks, and slaps Brendan at the end. I bet that was satisfying. It looked as though Brendan messed up his footwork partway through, though, which he admits to and apologises for. Craig says he loved the storytelling, but Kelly has a tendency to overarch her back, which means she loses the body contact. However, it was "thrilling". Arlene says it was "emotional, passionate and dramatic", and seems to have been on the booze again because she says Kelly is "the sort of dancer I want to wrap in cotton wool and preserve you". Len says it was a 9 all the way through, but he penalised Gabby one point earlier for making a mistake, so he has to do the same here. He says Kelly was a 9, but Brendan was a 7.5. Bruno, making up for missing out on Alesha, says, "You're the eighth deadly sin and we're all sinning with you!" Bruce says he can sin on his own, and strays into the danger zone with a "last tango" reference. Backstage, Kelly says she enjoyed slapping Brendan, as one may expect. The final scores are in: 9s from everyone except Len, who gives them 8, for a total of 35.

Whew! Finally, it's the end. Time for a look at the leaderboard: Alesha, Kelly and Gabby are the top three, with Dom, Willie and Kate trailing at the bottom. Recap. Tess says nobody is ready to leave. Who will be the third couple to go? Find out tomorrow, when the filler will be a group dance by the professionals and music from Andrea Bocelli and Katherine Jenkins. To conclude, Bruce makes an unfunny joke about Robin Hood - sort of the tone of the whole show, really. [Which show, Strictly or Robin Hood? - Carrie][Either? - Georgi] Tune in tomorrow for the results! Whoop!

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