Thursday, 6 November 2008

This week on It Takes Two, we have learnt...

- Len may have overmarked Austin and Erin. YOU THINK?
- But it's okay, because if he had only given them a nine, he would've needed to go back and lower everybody else's scores. Because if there's one description that springs to mind when one thinks about Len's scoring system, it's "logical and internally consistent".
- Andrew Castle is an absolute sweetie, even if he can't dance.
- Craig considers 7 to be a good score. And in fairness, it probably was before Len started artificially inflating everything, so let's blame him.
- Anton doesn't like caping either. But Flavia does.
- To settle the "did Tom have a honeymoon or not?" debacle: Tom and his wife, to whom he RECENTLY GOT MARRIED, had a "minimoon", and might have a longer one when the show's over.
- Adrian Chiles has wanted to thump Len on several occasions. We know how he feels.
- Perhaps unsurprisingly, Cherie does not like watching the beginning of her Paso Doble.
- Rachel and Vincent's American smooth is going to have a bit of lindyhop in it.
- Darren dropped Lilia during a cartwheel lift in rehearsals on Saturday and she's cracked a rib. He is now very sorry and doing all of the household chores.
- Vincent has taken to calling Len "Bloody Len". Vincent, if you're reading this, you've just proved you have all the necessary qualifications to join our team.
- Jodie has never scored anything above a C in her life.
- Lisa should not chuck in the day job to become a choreographer just yet.
- Camilla's favourite film is "The Shawshr...The Shrawsha...The Shawr..." - that one.
- Austin doesn't like it when Erin talks about Colin Jackson. Hee.
- Jason Donovan is a worthy addition to the Friday panel.


Essen said...

Why does Len ALWAYS say 'I had to give them a 9/10 because here was nowhere else for me to go' and still never work out that if he EVER gave someone less than a 7 this problem wouldn't happen.

I approve of Austin disliking the rumba. Good for him.

Jason Donovan should be some sort of Strictly regular.

Having just had a image of Anton caping, I can see why he doesn't much like it.

Austin shouldn't worry about Erin and Colin, Erin is almost literally a different person now. New teeth new hair, new face...

Carrie said...

Because Len is a fucking moron?

Essen said...

Ah, yes. Good point.

(Oh, and I'd appreciate your expert view on this: when Jason D was saying Rachbot was one of talented people who come in small packages, he wasn't trying to compare her to KYLIE was he? Because that would be quite scary and I'd have to revise my good opinion of him)

Carrie said...

To be honest, I was thinking the same thing. I thought Claudia was going to pick him up on it, but she didn't...