Monday, 8 December 2008

This week on It Takes Two, we have learnt...

- The BBC2 continuity guy is just as much of a skeeze as Tess Daly is.
- A Strictly Latin dress goes for around £1300.
- Brian Fortuna saying the word "quid" sounds so very wrong.
- Tom thought Austin was going to be in the final. Very sensibly, he left the "with me" part of that sentence unspoken.
- Brendan didn't think Austin's salsa was worth a 10. But then arguably Tom's rumba and Lisa's jive didn't deserve nines either, so this is all academic.
- Brendan has never done the Argentine tango before. He thinks climbing over Claudia's sofa and hiding may save him from humiliation.
- MATTHEW CUTLER USED TO HAVE DARK BROWN HAIR! Possibly people who watched the beginning of series three knew this, but it was news to Steve.
- Alesha and Matthew currently hold the record for the most tens awarded with 19. The way things are going this series, they will no longer be the record holders by about 6:20pm this Saturday.
- Tom has expanded the Paso Face to cover a typical reaction to having one's makeup done.
- Matthew Cutler's brother Jason is a fashion designer. We are saying absolutely nothing.
- Len loves the hokey-cokey.
- Ian and James scrub up well.
- Rachel and Vincent are a perfect package. Seriously, EVERYONE has said this at least once now.
- Apparently in series two it was not uncommon for Len to score lower than Arlene and Bruno. Ahh, such halcyon days.
- Darren's father is called Tony Bennett. Not THAT one, though.
- Camilla is planning to pull on Tom's strength as an actor in the Argentine Tango. Yeah, good luck with that.
- Many moons ago, the tango used to be a Latin dance and the jive was a ballroom dance. Madness!
- Arlene thinks there is a danger of Tom overacting in his AT. In other news: the sky is a bit blue and the Pope is sort of Catholic.
- Gethin is slightly bemused by the concept of an underskirt.
- The word "literally" is being thrown around with almost as much abandon as it has been on The X Factor.
- From certain angles, Gethin kind of looks like John Krasinski.

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