Monday, 1 December 2008

This week on It Takes Two, we have learnt...

- Austin is astounded at the quality of the Strictly singers. So are we, Austin, so are we.
- The Strictly singers only have eight hours to rehearse on a Saturday. Not that you can tell, of course.
- Craig thinks Lisa has climbed from the "dance gutter", wherever that may be.
- Kirstie Allsopp really likes Tom. Kirstie, you were wrong about the property market and you are also wrong about this.
- The Fonz invented a new dance, the paso robles. He is working this winter with Strictly alumna Louisa Lytton. IN PANTO. IN MILTON KEYNES.
- Lilia never smiled as a child.
- Rachel's waltz was faster than Tom's. And less nauseating. Just.
- Anton doesn't know his primary colours.
- Tom's older siblings have made fun of him all his life. They sound like our kind of people.
- Rachel's fiancé is taking dance lessons for their wedding. We hope they're planning to do this:

- Craig loves carbs.
- Craig treats his boyfriend Grant a bit like a butler. That notwithstanding, Claudia loves him so much she wishes she was Grant.
- Lionel Blair thinks this is the best top four ever. Sorry, Lionel, last year's top four shits on over this one from a great height. Team Matteshthinia!
- Lisa inherited her emotional incontinence from her nan.
- The "do the professionals pick the music or does the show pick it for them?" debate rages on, with both Camilla and Erin appearing to vouch for the latter this week.
- Tom thinks that the seven Craig awarded to their waltz was "a slap in the face". We suggest he hooks up with Connie Beauchamp again so she can remind him what a real slap in the face feels like. Heck, if she's busy, we'll be happy to stand in for her.
- Eggheads needs to fucking stop overrunning every bloody day and causing Steve's PVR to cut off the end of It Takes Two.
- Denmark's version of Strictly, Vild med dans, is in a bit of a pickle because they're running out of celebrities. Though we quite love the fact that one of this year's contestants' occupation is listed as "kindergarten teacher and Prime Minister's wife".
- Tess does not keep her dresses after each show, though she has not clarified if they are burned in some kind of cleansing ritual.


Essen said...

I don't understand how the singing/music works on Strictly (obviously, neither so the 'wonderful' band and singers)

The dancers must know what music (and what bits of what music?) they're using at the start of the week's training. But they can't have a recording, can they, because they cut up the songs something awful to get them into the time allotted and without any dodgy lyrics.

So what do they rehearse to? Do they cut a very rough CD? Or do they not rehearse to the full music until Friday? (Which would explain many of the slebs apparent difficulty in dancing on the beat)

Carrie said...

The singers were saying the other day that the dancers tell them on a Saturday, "That's not right," and make them re-do it. I am presuming that Dave Arch puts together some kind of recording for everyone at the start of the week.