Monday, 15 December 2008

This week on It Takes Two, we have learnt...

- ...what the BBC's Controller of Entertainment Production looks like.
- There was no fix and nothing underhand about Saturday's result - it was just that their long list of contingencies did not happen to include what would happen if two people tied at the top of the leaderboard.
- The number of bizarre conspiracy theories stemming from the viewers of this show will never cease to amaze us.
- The judges' scores will roll over to this week as well as the viewers' votes, and the tally thus far will be displayed at the beginning of Saturday's show. The scores will then be started afresh once the third place contestant has been eliminated, before the final two go on to do their group Viennese Waltz and show dance. Good, well done BBC.
- Anything can happen in the dance-off. Also: on Hallowe'en.
- Jill Halfpenny now makes people put money in the swearbox every time they mention her jive.
- Camilla, perhaps understandably, has little sympathy for Vincent's claims that he's been "waiting for a year" to get into the final.
- Tom apparently has plans to repeat his tap-dancing quickstep bullshit as part of his showdance. Give me strength.
- Ian has a separate wardrobe for his shirts and keeps them in colour-coordinated order. He also dresses up as a frog for Camilla. The mind boggles. However, he also owns lots of hats. SHOCKER.
- This series is the first time in Strictly history that 40/40 has been awarded more than once in the same series. Possibly because of all the insane overmarking, but who knows?
- There will be three(!) foxtrots in the final. Hardest ballroom style, my ass.
- Mark Ramprakash is still an extremely boring man, but at least he does still dance outside of official Strictly appearances occasionally. Mentioning no names, Darren Gough.
- Ramprakash's daughters tape The X Factor.
- Judging by the photos from her childhood, Flavia appears not to have heeded her mother's warning about her face staying that way if the wind changes.
- Ian thinks Tom's strong point is "showing himself off". Give that man a prize!
- Kristian Digby is not good at pretending he thinks Lisa should win.
- Austin Healey neighs, and likes to eat hay.
- The men's latin shirts have cycling shorts attached to the bottom to prevent them from coming untucked when they're dancing.
- Lisa used to cry a lot as a child. Thank heavens she grew out of that, eh?
- Lisa's showdance outfit is more "Strictly Come Swimming", per Hilary Alexander.
- People, as a whole, tend to find the foxtrot more glamorous than the waltz. Apparently.
- Russell Watson is a weekend transvestite.
- Alesha wears hot-pants in her new video. Russell Watson does not do the same in his.
- The showdance songs are 'If My Friends Could See Me Now' (Tom - of course), 'I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That)' (Lisa) and 'Flashdance (What A Feeling)' (Rachel). If the final is fought on the number of parentheses used in song titles, Tom will lose. Sadly we suspect this will not turn out to be the case.
- According to Tom, there is no such word as "excuse me" in Danish. He apparently hasn't noticed it's actually two words in English.

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Janeybelle said...

and now we know the results....the best man has won...but can he dance?