Friday, 2 October 2009

This week on It Takes Two, we have learnt...

- Len judged Darren when he was six years old (when Darren was six years old, obviously) and hasn't aged a day since. Clearly Brian Fortuna is not the only Lord of Darkness around here.
- Jo has no idea why people voted to save her. So she can't be of any help to the people asking similar questions all over the internet.
- If, during a multiple dance week, your dances get the same score from the judges, you can choose which one you want to do in the dance-off.
- According to Len, choreography is like make-up - applied in the wrong way, it can make you look hideous.
- Phil picked up the choreography for his entire quickstep in two and a half hours. Perhaps he's overemphasising the "quick" side of things.
- Lynda is now quietly enjoying herself. That is, at least, if you are willing to believe that Lynda can do anything quietly.
- When people talk about the paso doble, John Sergeant's is always the one Claudia pictures. Poor Claudia.
- Darren's grasp of Spanish leaves a bit to be desired.
- Mums are clever. Especially Claudia.
- Rav is twice the weight of Aliona. Maybe you should lay off the pies there, fatty. (I kid, I kid.)
- The Strictly statistician is a bit shit.
- Len is a Taurus, which is why he's full of bull.

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