Tuesday, 6 October 2009

This week on It Takes Two, we have learnt...

- Aliona doesn't agree with any of the judges' comments on her quickstep, except Craig's.
- Rav and Jo have a deal - if she gets better each week, she'll get something from him. The mind boggles.
- Ian counts beats by going "tum-te-tum-tum-tum, bum-bum-te-tum-tum-tum." Apparently.
- The theme of the week is Chris rediscovering his mojo.
- One of Jade's ribs popped out during training. OUCH.
- Bruno is fond of a hob nob.
- Claudia once danced with Bruno at a wrap party. He took his top off.
- Natalie Cassidy keeps a lemon around to keep the nerves at bay. It sort of made sense when she said it, honest.
- The rubbish Strictly statistician still seems to think you can have an average score from a dance you have only performed once.
- Jade's training wardrobe just gets more and more fabulously ridiculous.
- The celebrities with the highest average scores for the foxtrot are the three who were in the 2008 final. GOSH, I WONDER HOW THIS COULD BE.
- Zöe made up the end of her paso doble when it went wrong, and worried that not admitting this to the judges constituted cheating. Interestingly, her impression of James's angry face is not entirely unlike her portrayal of Tanya Turner.
- Anton is very sorry, and Laila just wants to move on. You know, from that.
- Ricky Groves wants to move on from being the joker and be a SRS BSNS contender.

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