Monday, 12 October 2009

This week on It Takes Two, we have learnt...

- The show's lighting designer is quite cute.
- Jo Wood agreed to do the show because she loves chandeliers.
- Darren thinks it was the wrong decision to eliminate him and Lynda. Shocker, I know.
- Everything in dance is about moving from foot to foot. I know that sounds obvious, but Dame Karen Hardy said it, and therefore it is FACT.
- Darren's idol is Roland Rat.
- Phil and Katya had their first fight on Tuesday. She threw a pen at him.
- Ola calls Chris "bayb".
- This weekend's routine will be Ola's first competitive jive on the show. Considering most of her previous partners, that is probably just as well.
- Sometimes the Strictly costume designers use the costumes to disguise the dancers' shortcomings. SHOCKER!
- Claudia once sat on Kelly Brook's lap in the make-up room and told her her body was extraordinary. Kelly was alarmed.
- Anton and Laila thought Jade and Ian's salsa was the best of the night. They are entirely correct in thinking this.
- The rubbish Strictly statistician has a very sinister laugh.
- Jade has fast twitch fibres, which is what makes her run so fast.
- Ricky Whittle doesn't like wearing tight collars. Presumably it's all that time spent on Hollyoaks that's given him an aversion to buttoning up his shirts.
- Sian Williams terrorises Chris by humming the Strictly theme music whenever she's nearby.
- Bonnie Tyler is a Strictly fan. Bonnie Tyler for series eight! She claims she can't dance to save her life, but honestly, does that matter? IT'S BONNIE TYLER!
- Craig Revel-Horwood previewing the dresses on the Friday panel is the best thing ever.
- Everybody gets their fake tans done in a grotty makeshift booth backstage. Ian was in there when Claudia went knocking, with those pecs of steel on full display. Who's surprised? No one? Yeah, we thought so.
- Zöe and James's jive is looking uh-MAY-zing.

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Heather said...

I vote they have craig previewing the dresses every week, its fabulous...