Monday, 26 October 2009

This week on It Takes Two, we have learnt...

- Craig Kelly has an out-of-body experience when he gets on the dancefloor on Saturday nights. This would actually explain a lot.
- Ian has the most awesome wardrobe of anyone on the show. Maybe if we're really lucky one day he'll let us go and play in it.
- Sometimes when Lilia has a rubbish partner, she will choreograph the routine so they are as far away from the judges as possible. She will not say with whom or on what occasion she has done this in the past, though.
- Phil's wife Dawn wanted him to take part in the show so she could get tickets.
- "We want to get to Blackpool" is reaching terrifying levels of ubiquity.
- The show's costume designers want the boys to show more skin. Obviously, we approve.
- Satin only stretches in one way.
- People on this show like using the word "magnanimous" in unusual contexts.
- There are two words that Brian Fortuna won't accept: "I can't". It's odd, because we would have assumed that the two words he won't accept are in fact "eyebrow tweezers".
- Claudia's dance idol is Lionel Blair.
- Kristina is a big fan of The Beatles, and she thinks 'Imagine' has an "amazing message".
- Sorry, ignore that last one. It wasn't something we learnt, just something we don't care to be reminded of.
- Zöe was in the dance-off the only week on the show that she didn't wear a choker. She will wear one constantly from now on.
- Jade-as-afterthought seems to have spread from the main show to It Takes Two. Bah.
- Some dances are much more difficult to do than other dances. This sort of received wisdom is why Len earns the big bucks.
- Len keeps a jar of pickled walnuts under his desk.


Boudica said...

Craig said something about music timing - that one of this week's songs was in 4/4 and the singers would have to put it into 3/4 (or possibly the other way around). Could this tempo mangling explain some the horrible things they do to the music?

Carrie said...

Ah, that would explain Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me. No, it is no reason whatsoever for the crimes they commit with the music.

Liz said...

I was beginning to wonder if magnaminous had some other meaning I do not know about.