Monday, 2 November 2009

This week on It Takes Two, we have learnt...

- There are 48 mics on the band, and 10 on the drums alone. Regretably, the singers also have mics.
- The mics are now sewn into the costumes to avoid a repeat of the infamous Karen Hardy/Mark Ramprakash entangling incident.
- James Jordan has spent four years working on his "bad boy" image. Judging by the general public's apparent hostility towards him, it's working - good job, James!
- Brian's about as much of a good sport when faced with the prospect of an early boot as James is.
- Rachel Stevens is the only contestant who's ever had a 10 for the rumba.
- Claudia is normally a traditionalist when it comes to music choices.
- The only ice-cream Len likes is vanilla. Colour us surprised.
- Katya's cat is called Dr Johnny Righteous.
- The dancefloor in Blackpool (where they will be dancing this weekend, you may not have heard) is three times the size of the one in the Strictly studio.
- Jade's school used to do lindyhopping, but she was never picked for it because she wasn't very good.
- Claudia's guilty pleasure is toad in the hole. Hey, mine too!
- Dancing used to be the sole preserve of the aristocracy until the opening of the Empress Ballroom in BLACKPOOL made it accessible to everyone.
- Erin went home after Saturday's show and looked up "conceited" in the dictionary.
- Chris wants a "yeah baby" from Bruno and a "come on, bayb" from Len.
- Lynda Bellingham thinks 'Easy Lover' is too modern to be used for the cha cha cha. Yes, the 'Easy Lover' that came out in 1985.
- The floor in the Tower Ballroom is sprung, which is good news for anyone doing the jive or the quickstep (that would be Jade and Ian and Natalie and Vincent, just to clarify).

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