Monday, 16 November 2009

This week on It Takes Two, we have learnt...

- The wardrobe department attach cycling shorts to the bottom of the men's shirts to avoid them riding up while the contestants are dancing.
- The rules for Strictly state that if a doctor forbids a celebrity from dancing, they are permitted to be absent from the show for one week only.
- Len basically thinks Jade and Laila are big girls' blouses for not dancing properly with their various leg ailments, since Phil danced after his knee operation. Way to spectacularly miss the point, Len.
- As of Tuesday, Jade is still not allowed to dance. If we were the type of people to include emoticons in our copy, this is where we would put a sad face.
- The jive and the quickstep are the two dances which put the body under the most strain.
- That choreography corner is so much better when Future Head Judge Karen Hardy does it.
- Tuesday is the worst day of the week for rehearsals - it's the day when the choreography is not there yet and you can't do it with the music, so the panic sets in.
- Claudia has to watch the show lying down on Saturday nights.
- Russell Grant does not approve of all of the music choices.
- Feeding Len's god complex is apparently more important than finding out if Jade is well enough to dance on Saturday.
- Ola once broke James's nose on the dancefloor. He almost certainly deserved it.
- Craig Revel-Horwood doesn't like cats because he was in the musical for far too long.
- Natalie Cassidy sings quite a lot in rehearsals.
- Len doesn't like ketchup.
- Ricky Whittle's feet shrank two sizes at some point.
- There's still no official verdict on whether Jade can perform on Saturday. *bites bottom lip*
- Michael Ball thinks 'Holiday' is the worst Madonna song out there.

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Chris said...

Michael Ball is right.