Monday, 9 November 2009

This week on It Takes Two, we have learnt...

- "Blackpool Elimination" would've been an amazing title for Saturday's recap, and we didn't think of it.
- James and Ola made their own way up to BLACKPOOL, rather than take the coach with the others. Rumours that this is because no one wanted to sit with James on the way up are as yet unconfirmed.
- The normal, non-BLACKPOOL, Strictly studio has 300 lighting hoists.
- Natalie Cassidy once played Cilla Black in a school assembly.
- Laila always has a Plan B.
- Claudia has bunkbeds in the studio. Zöe is still in there.
- The skirt in a female dancer's tango outfit must be weighted so it continues to move even when she stops.
- Ian is coming out of the closet - no, not like that. He's just admitting he wants to win.
- Chris has cape burns on the back of his neck.
- Claudia and Len re-enacting John and Kristina's paso doble was possibly the best thing to happen on television all year.
- Natalie C is learning Italian. She speaks it about as well as Vincent speaks English.
- Everyone on the show is obsessed with bananas.
- Katherine Jenkins is still shitting in the mouth of popular music on a regular basis.
- Miranda Hart's favourite pro dancers are Matthew and Ian. I AM SAYING NOTHING.

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