Monday, 23 November 2009

This week on It Takes Two, we have learnt...

- The show's head of make-up is Lisa from Deuce.
- Claudia doesn't believe in saving shoes for best.
- If you can press a barbell, you can lift one of the ladies from this show. (It might be advisable to ask her permission first, mind.)
- Vincent has a courtyard.
- Apparently the studio audience have a Pavlovian reaction that makes them clap every time someone does a pivot in a Viennese waltz.
- Future Head Judge Karen Hardy told Vincent off for his poor samba choreography. This is why she is the queen of everything.
- Len has always wanted to kiss a man with a beard, just to see it if prickles.
- Even Matt Dawson thinks Matt Dawson was shit.
- Ali is the latest contestant this series to get a serious injury and has bruised the bones in her foot after a really nasty fall. Seriously: what the hell is happening this year?
- Len will give you one point for turning up, one point for each leg you can move, and one point for starting and ending with the music, hence why he hasn't scored anyone lower than five all series. This, just in case anyone's forgotten, is our head judge. BRING ON THE REIGN OF KAREN HARDY!
- Matthew Cutler would like to be made out of metal.
- Poor Heather Small is still haunted by her four dance-offs.
- The Charleston was banned in some dancehalls back in the day for being too scandalous. I bet Brendan's gutted he doesn't get to do it.
- Anton thinks his acting skills are hammy. He's not wrong.
- Chris has a Very Serious Girlfriend. Whether it is the relationship that is Serious or the Girlfriend is up for discussion.
- Vincent doesn't know how to do a roly-poly.
- Erin has an autobiography for each of her celebrity partners so far, except for Ricky Groves - and that's only because he hasn't written one (yet).
- Laila practised on her own when she was in Morocco.


ros said...

Do you know if Ali's dancing tonight or not?

Also, Ricky Whittle's arrest didn't make it onto It Takes Two? I'm disappointed.

CCB said...

Your usually comprehensive round up of notable lessons from ITT has missed the ground-shaking (in our house anyway) moment when Len quoted the lyrics of "Dustin Timberland"'s Sexy Back. The experience of Len raised his eyebrows suggestively after telling us we can whip him if he misbehaves was all kinds of DO NOT WANT.

Perhaps, like me, you are trying with all your strength to remove this memory from your minds?

Steve said...

CCB - yes, that's exactly why I didn't include it. There is not enough Dettol in the world. :(

Diana said...

what about the moment brian said he and Ali got up early to go to the doctor. Eurgh.