Monday, 30 November 2009

This week on It Takes Two, we have learnt...

- The show's floor manager is Brian Conley's brother.
- Natalie Cassidy has never said anything more than she was going to give it a go every week. Except that handful of times she said she wanted to win, of course.
- Lots of dancers have requested Lady GaGa's 'Just Dance' for their cha cha chas this year, but have been rejected because it's too electronic for the live band. BOO.
- Lilia is really not very good at arcade dance games.
- Ricky Whittle holds his hands up in a C shape repeatedly in the House of Tesstosterone. Apparently the C was for Carley.
- Future Head Judge Karen Hardy thinks brothers and sisters watching the show should do the swimming sex move from the very end of Chris and Ola's Charleston. I love you, Future Head Judge Karen Hardy, but please, let me help you see the problem here.
- Natalie Cassidy wants Tess's job. PLEASE GOD NO.
- Spandau Ballet liked Chris's Charleston.
- If she weren't a dancer, Natalie Lowe would like to be an ice dancer or a policewoman.
- Flavia used to be a bank cashier, while Darren once worked for a mail order shoe company.
- There are few sights in the world more disturbing than having to watch Claudia clutching Len's buttocks.
- The mere mention of the word "samba" is enough to make anyone on this show shiver.
- Claudia doesn't give a shit about the football. Good for her.
- The proudest moment of Kristina's career was dancing for the royal family of Japan. (Not her paso doble with John Sergeant?)
- John Barrowman wants to have Ricky Whittle in his head. Do with that knowledge what you will.
- People pulling country names out of a hat so some other people can go around the world kicking a ball is apparently more important than us getting the full 30-minute show we tuned in for. FUCK THIS NOISE.

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