Friday, 7 November 2014

We interrupt these recaps for a word from our sponsors..., not really. Don't panic, no money has changed hands, our editorial integrity has not been compromised in any way (although we are always open to bribery if anyone's offering, wink wink), but we were asked if we might like to post this video from the opening night of Vincent and Flavia's latest show, Dance 'Til Dawn, and since we thought we've probably got quite a few readers who rather like Vincent and Flavia, we decided to go for it. (Also, we like the thought of being an actual influential blog that people actually want to promote things for them, rather than just being two people who are a bit over-invested in a televised dance contest.)

So, without further ado, here's what the VIP attendees made of the show:

And if you would like to book tickets for Dance 'Til Dawn, you can do so here.

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lougarry said...

Hurray! You've made it!

Readers, you really should go and see it. My littl'un and I went to see it in Southend and it was loads of fun.