Saturday, 22 October 2016

This week on It Takes Two, we have learnt...

Naga is gutted to have been eliminated, but hasn't cried, and she's pleased she went out on a dance that she enjoyed performing.
- Zoe and Ian do a little foxtrot every time they go to a wedding together.
- Naga would recommend the Strictly experience to Charlie Stayt and Dan Walker.
- Judge Rinder and Oksana have a secret handshake.
- Louise has her first-ever pairs of dance shoes from childhood (RINGAH) in her dressing room to inspire her.
- Judge Rinder calls Ed "Edward".
- Ed, who wore a Knight outfit, thinks Judge Rinder’s lederhosen were ridiculous.
- Aljaž and Daisy called their ring of lights a ‘circle of trust’, which sounds a little Fifty Shades to me.
- Daisy is suffering from charleston ankles.
- Aljaž thinks his idea for the charleston sounds great in his head, but isn't sure if it will necessarily translate into the real world.
- Daisy is happy to settle for being mid-table #yearoftheman
- The music that plays when the results are being read makes Daisy go all clammy.
- Aljaž thinks the results show is getting easier; Daisy disagrees.
- Neil has been dancing for years and he's still not sure he knows how to lead.
- Neil’s dancing metaphors involve cars pulling caravans.
- The secret of good leading is to guide your partner with your body, even if you're not touching their hand.
- Neil would like to dance with Lesley. Presumably to save her from AntonLatin.
- Chloe pays close attention to people’s feet – Daisy and Ore coming in for particular criticism here.
- We would quite like to see Chloe join the judging panel next year based on her appearance on Choreography Corner this week.
- Laura and Giovanni's rehearsal space is quite small, so they crashed into the wall a lot rehearsing the quickstep.
- Mick Jagger the dog now prefers Giovanni to Laura.
- The jive is Giovanni's favourite dance.
- The terrible infantalising of AJ and Claudia extends to this show ('teenage dream'; 'high school sweethearts')
- AJ has told Claudia only to focus on the positive comments and not the negatives, but she's finding it quite hard so far.
- Zoe thought that thing that AJ and Claudia did deserved 'much' more than 6.
- Claudia is learning the dance language.
- AJ can now do a hands-free cartwheel.
- Claudia and AJ's samba will feature some "surprising" props. Like a jack-in-the-box?
- Chloe thinks having to be manly was what scuppered Ed on Saturday.
- She also thinks the dance was 'a little straight' for her.
- Paso shaping requires you to curve your arms like you're holding a beach ball.
- How you dance salsa depends on where you're from.
- Neil wants to see twenty 10s this week. Don't encourage them.
- Camilla Dallerup is doing Choreography Corner next week. That should be...interesting.
- Despite this show presenting AJ and Claudia as tiny children, they're old enough to know the video to '(Is This The Way To) Amarillo'.
- The song choices for Saturday seem like the most inappropriate ever (and we didn't even hear the tango choice)
- Oti thinks Aljaž is the most attractive pro. Don't tell Janette.
- Giovanni and Oti are both shoe addicts.
- Giovanni says he'll be five minutes late when he means two hours.
- Anastacia wasn't thrilled about being in the bottom two but was at least pleased to have a chance to do the dance-off this time.
- Last week Anastacia felt like she had done more dancing arms than ever. Dancestacia, in fact.
- Gorka is filling in for Brendan while he's ill. Anastacia is just hating it, as you can imagine.
- Brendan likes being in the dance-off.
- Brendan has never got less than 30 for a quickstep. It sounds less impressive when you realise he's only done the quickstep with his three finalists and Victoria Pendleton, though.
- Ore hasn't cried this much since his wedding.
- Ore has a very bendy thumb.
- Andrew Castle can't spell 'Murray'.
- Ore has always dreamt of doing the jive on Strictly, 'but I've never dreamt it as good as it did on Saturday.'
- Ore definitely has not got any previous dance training, whatever James Jordan might be saying.
- Ore's brain broke at being in the same sentence as Jill and Jay.
- Jo is drilling Ore a little bit. This cast and being drilled by their pros. #scandal
- Danny blew Ian away on Saturday. See, they're all at it!
- Ian doesn't know the name of any Charleston steps.  And thinks 40s-rock-n-roll-jive is a thing.
- Zoe thinks the rumba can be 'a bit eggy'. Or maybe that was just Ian, Zo.
- You always need a shelf to hold on to.
- Danny won't stop talking about their quickstep.
- Oti is not that fussed about not having had a 10 yet.
- Oti did her choreography 'differently to how it was meant to be' on Saturday.
- Danny thinks it's hard to do the rumba without looking like a girl. #masc
- Danny is a secret plant that Rupert Murdoch is using to destroy the BBC. At least according to the newspaper front pages in a dream one of us had this week.
- Joanne likes sausage and mash, but it has to be at least a couple of hours before dancing. Ian prefers fish, and Oti eats lots of chocolate to calm her down. Apparently Karen's always got some in a pinch.
- Oti accidentally told Danny what the music for their exit dance was going to be.
- In promenade position, men should look at their hands, not their partners.
- You can vote for Ian's Halloween costume - Black Swan, Beetlejuice, or Zombie Barbra Streisand.
- Greg and Natalie had to adapt their lifts three times because of his injury, so they have plenty of lifts in store for their future dances. Natalie mentioned showdance as one of these. I bet that made the internet happy.
- Phil Collins is Zoe's favourite. Natalie still seems to be more impressed by Olly Murs.
- Natalie would like to point out Greg hasn't left the show yet, despite having a difficult run of dances. #shade
- Anastacia is very enthusiastic about Gorka bossing her about.
- Claudia and AJ were meant to be 'university' students in 'high street day wear' last Saturday and it didn't work so they changed the outfit.
- Candi Staton is pronounced Stay-ton, not Stat-ton.
- Jive is Giovanni's favourite dance.
- Ed missed a hold step and they got lost, so he just made it up.
- Katya has lost her voice so is reduced to writing on boards.
- Ed's paso wasn't supposed to be camp.
- Ed is trying to choreograph his own dances using previous moves from their other dances. And I thought showdance was for the final only.
- A Hi-de-Hi end-credits style opening sequence is the perfect opening sequence you never realised the show needed.
- Brendan is too ill to dance this weekend, so Gorka is taking on his rentapro mantle (poor - Neil, too much of a spare part to even be a substitute).
- Kevin wanted to cry when Louise's footwork was featured in Len's Lens.
- Kevin never tells Jo when he's proud of her but he lost his voice screaming when they did their jive.
- There's a cupboard at the Clifton home for Jo's trophies and Kevin has a little corner. He says this in that 'it's a joke but it's actually true' voice. Poor Kevin.
- Louise burped bananas in Kevin's face during their rumba rehearsals.
- Kevin triple dipped in the tan last week because he's so much paler than everyone else and hadn't really registered that it'd get darker and darker.
- Neil and Pasha charlestoning together is the least attractive thing ever.
- Su Pollard's mum is 94.
- Aled Jones thinks this year has the best men ever. #yearoftheman
- Aled Jones wants to be Danny.
- Helen Skelton thinks Danny not getting a 10 might have helped slow the haters who think he's too perfect.
- Su Pollard calls Ore 'the biscuit' after an Oreo (or 'Ore-Oh') and says she wants to bite him.  'Without tea!'
- Aled Jones only got an 8 for his jive because he forgot it and made it up. His top tip therefore is that if you forget your steps, you should do the Saturday Night Fever moves.
- Wearing heels in the jive is a mistake.
- Helen Skelton wasn't best pleased at being partnered with 'the most serious man in showbiz', Artem, in a Christmas special.
- Su Pollard says Daisy has the best smile she's ever seen on a woman.
- Gethin gives warm hugs.
- Judge Rinder has told Oksana to speak like the queen.
- Judge Rinder's latest character-themed get up is 'the army'.
- Judge Rinder doesn't think Strictly is work.
- The further Oksana goes with the strictness, the better Judge Rinder responds.
- Judge Rinder borrowed Oksana's leggings to get into character for Fred Flintstone (?!!)
- Judge Rinder is good at press ups, as you might expect from how ripped he was in the launch show.
- Janette learned flamenco for filler purposes.
- Flamenco dancing represents the struggle, hope and pride of the Spanish working class.
- The arms in flamenco come from the soul.
- Older dancers are seen as better in flamenco as they can deliver a truer emotional expression.
- Lesley's mother was a flapper in the 20s, and was nearly 104 when she died.
- Lesley and Anton were training at Pinewood on Wednesday.
- 'Beke-y with the good hair' wins all name astons forever.
- Lesley hasn't got the hang of the tango as of Friday but will get it together for Saturday.
- Lesley and Anton are the only couple whose scores have increased week on week.
- Anastacia is on the list of people Helen Skelton would be happy to be trapped in a lift for five hours with.
- Helen Skelton thinks Ed will inspire people to take up dancing.
- Su Pollard thinks it's a good thing that Ed hasn't dropped dead, and that will be his legacy.
- Su Pollard is convinced that Amarillo can be American Smooth music.
- Judge Rinder told Aled Jones he'd take his bottom half off if he gets into the final.
- The Friday panel don't want Ed to go and Helen thinks Zoe has jinxed Lesley and Anton by saying they're improving every week.
- The mantra about everyone hating other people going takes on a really sinister turn when everyone does charity advert voice with sad plinky plonky piano music playing.
- Karen's Friday night snack involves a croissant and a big pile of biscuits.
- The other pros call Karen genetically superior because of her metabolism.
- Janette's spent her off time catching up with her previous partners. Even Julien.


phoebephoebo .sydney said...

I'm so out of touch with what you youngsters are saying nowadays- what's an Aston? I've googled it an' everyfink.

"'Beke-y with the good hair' wins all name astons forever. "

Rad said...
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Rad said...

It's another word for caption:

And now I have referenced Wikipedia and I feel a bit like I am letting my profession down.

phoebephoebo .sydney said...

Thank you. And since Urban Dictionary weren't covering it, you might be let off the hook.

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