Friday, 28 October 2016

This week on It Takes Two, we have learnt...

- Zoe's hair is looking very voluminous this week.
- Lesley can't watch herself back normally because she's too critical, but she made an exception for the charleston.
- Lesley is not above shouting across the studio to Ed that he "can't lift for toffee".
- Lesley wants to go to private dance classes now to "keep the thighs down".
- Lesley thinks she was hired to be the crap older woman, but people don't remember her extensive musical theatre background.  Is this the first time someone's wanted to be called a ringer?
- Zoe has noticed this series' CURSE OF THE TANGO, so this may now become a thing.
- Anton thinks tango stands alone among ballroom dances, because it doesn't 'swing' like the others, which makes it hard to do.
- Before the show, Ed thought the lifts would be good because they were 'safe'.
- The live show warm up guy was wearing a suit covered in bats last week, and it wasn't even Halloween week.
- It's still weird to hear the other cast members call Judge Rinder "Rob".
- Danny has a Hogwarts jumper.
- Tameka got emotional watching Anastacia dance with her man.
- Zoe still thinks Tomzilla's showdance is the best showdance ever.
- Camilla now lives in LA and has a life-coaching business and has lost most of her accent.
- Ian never stops talking about Zoe.
- Camilla thinks the black outfits for Daisy and Aljaž's charleston were a mistake as you couldn't really see their movements.
- Camilla thought for years that she would never be friends with the samba.
- Kevin and Natalie wear the most fake tan of all the pros.
- AJ has unanimously been decreed the most vain of all the pros and has been nicknamed "Mr Selfie".
- Ed only got his top half done in his first ever fake tan, despite Jeremy Vine's advice to, erm, go stark naked.
- Katya's got her voice back.
- Katya definitely didn't think Ed was going to drop her in any way, not at all.
- Ed did the lift "perfectly" the Friday before the live show... and it still looked like Katya nearly broke her neck. Stop this madness now! #savekatya #crashhelmetforkatya
- Ed didn't want to do any Latin before joining the show, but now quite likes it.
- Daisy and Aljaž have started wearing matching outfits, look out Janette...
- Daisy found being in the bottom two made her surprisingly calm.
- Aljaž doesn't like doing charlestons in the dance-off because the side-by-side sections are really exposing, and you can't cover up errors as easily as you can in ballroom or latin.
- Johnny Ball wanted to give Daisy a cuddle on Sunday when she was upset.
- Daisy is a big fan of Jenny Eclair.
- Aljaž thinks the paso is 'a perfect story for a man and a woman'.
- Meat Loaf's music is an excellent stimulant for plant growth.
- The random song choices of this series get ever weirder with the idea you can American Smooth to 'Black Magic' by Little Mix and Paso Doble to 'Born this Way'.
- Lady Gaga wrote 'Born This Way' in 10 minutes. You can kind of tell, tbh.
 Brendan loves playing a baddy and Janette likes playing dress-up.  Colour us shocked.
- Joanne is scared of the dark and people in masks, and as a result she doesn't like Hallowe'en much. (Also it's when Scott Mills got eliminated, which can't help.)
- Four Team GB Olympians will be dancing in the Children in Need special. Their pro partners will be Janette, Karen, Pasha and Neil. Yep, Chloe still hasn't got a celebrity. Seriously, what does Chloe have to do to get a break around here?
- Camilla thinks Ed's lifts in his American smooth before the neck-breaker were really good. We respectfully disagree.
- Gethin used to giggle every time Camilla got too close to him. Bless.
-  Camilla would like to see Judge Rinder’s energy and performance contained.  Good luck with that.
- Despite everything that happened during the cha cha cha, Natalie is still the world's most positive person.
Greg was trying to be positive in rehearsals last week and lying to Natalie that he liked the cha cha cha despite hating every moment.
Natalie thinks Greg will have to do the cha cha again in the future.  Is she anticipating getting to the final and that being judges’ choice?  Not sure how likely either of those things are, but bless her optimism.
- Greg has been submitting some of his own choreography for the rumba. This sounds impressive until you remember that the last person who we were told on It Takes Two was helping out with his own choreography was...Ed Balls.
Zoe thinks the American Smooth moves nicely into the rumba.  Something to do with love stories, which could surely be said of most dances?
Judge Rinder says his jive gave him a ‘twinkly eruption’.  Might want to see the doctor about that.
- Judge Rinder has been suffering for the one-handed cartwheel this week.
- Judge Rinder's paso face still needs some work.
- Oksana knew how much Rinder loved ‘Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy’ so wanted to make sure he enjoyed the dance.
- Oksana thinks a moth is a male butterfly.
- The paso doble actually originated in France.
- Paso Doble is like dancing through quicksand.
- Brendan has some funky mint-green sneakers, as well as some neon-lime ones and a collection of pastel lilac clothing.
- Ian advocates everyone engaging in a bit of partner-swapping for a week to be invigorated.  Oo-err.
- Anastacia might put some jive into one of her shows. 'Or one kick, anyway.'
- Ian thinks Louise has a 'hip-hop background.'
- Laura sat at home with a friend and a Chinese takeaway watching last week's show - her friend had flown over from Ireland to watch the show live and sacrificed her visit to the show, awww.
- Giovanni might repurpose Laura's jive into her showdance if she makes the final.
- But she has the (curse of the) tango this week, so...
- Oti is definitely not filling Danny's routines with loads of Lenbait choreography, honest.
- Oti uses whatever props she can find to teach Danny how to dance: bananas, chairs, brooms...
- Oti and Danny's dance is 'a corpse wedding that turns dark'
- Despite thinking American Smooth (which is often based on foxtrot) is very similar to rumba, Zoe thinks foxtrot and rumba are very different.
- The Rolling Stones are one of Laura's all-time favourite bands, which explains the name of her dog.
- Ore can't swivel in his right foot.
- Judge Rinder appears to have a fake tan watch mark on his wrist.
- The British public didn't vote for Ian to dress as Zombie Streisand so they're dead to us.
- Ian would like to see Ed 'a little more aware of his body'.
- Ian doesn't really approve of AJ and Claudia doing an American Smooth based on the foxtrot given they did a thing approximating a foxtrot a couple of weeks ago.
- Lisa from Deuce thinks if you do spooky make-up, you don't need a costume for Halloween.  Chloe's face of truth suggests this is not correct.
- Oksana and 'Rob' will have wings in their costumes on Saturday.
- Kevin is still wearing hats.
- Louise's rumba had a habit of going rogue in rehearsals.
- Kevin isn't happy that the judges said they'd plateaued.  Louise remains tight-lipped.
- Kevin wouldn't want to be trapped in a lift with Craig but Louise would be happy to.
- Louise is pleased that the charleston is wearing Kevin out as much as it is her.
- Zoe is under the misapprehension that Claudia and AJ's samba was good.
- When Claudia was standing on the judges’ desk, her main thought was “don’t fart”.
- Claudia prefers to be on early so she can get her dance out of the way and enjoy watching everyone else.
- Bruno loves the speed.  According to AJ (ie don't come for us, lawyers!).
- AJ bought Claudia smellies for her birthday.
- Ore is most terrified before coming down the stairs at the start of the show.
- Claudia has never dressed up for Hallowe’en before.
- Russell Grant and Lisa Snowdon have matching sequinned shoes.
- Lisa Snowdon would prefer not to discuss Snowdance.
- Gorka calls Gethin “the beautiful one”. I SHIP IT.
- Anastacia feels like she has an advantage at Hallowe’en because she’s American.
- Anastacia can’t believe we don’t have candy corn here.
- Zoe has named Anastacia's imaginary dog 'Ruffles'.
- One of Brendan’s favourite dances he’s ever done on Strictly was ‘Time Warp’ with Michelle Williams. Quite right too.
- Craig is very sad that Tameka went out because he loved her personality.
- Craig thinks Halloween helps the celebrities overcome nerves because they don't look like themselves.
- In 2014, Craig liked Frankie Bridge’s green face so much that he suggested she keep it like that.
- Craig can't remember who he gave bad comments to, except for Judy Murray.
- It was Joanne's birthday this week and Ore bought her a Mr Tickle mug because she said that was what he looked like in the jive.
- Ore thinks the charleston is the hardest dance to learn.
- Karen Clifton thinks the best way to get your Hallowe’en party going is to wow your guests with a big entrance. Oh, so it’s that sort of party…
- Lisa Snowdon thinks the rumba is very similar to the cha cha.  
- Lisa Snowdon thinks she only got good at latin at the end of her series.
- Elaine Paige doesn’t want to say who’s going home, Russell Grant thinks Ed Balls in a roundabout way, Lisa Snowdon won’t be drawn.
- Daisy eats cereal in a mug for breakfast on her Elstree Studios days.

- Daisy’s grandma has been telling Aljaž off for doing illegal lifts.


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