Monday, 5 November 2007

This week on It Takes Two, we have learnt...

- Anton banned Kate from watching the other couples perform on Saturday.

- Professional dancers eat pies and cake. The celebrities have runners fetching them three-course meals from the Ritz all the time. Anton does not cook and eats out every day. Seriously, I love him.

- James addresses Gabby as "darling", claims that the "champion of Strictly Come Dancing 2007" has been voted out, and calls the judges "muppets".

- Head Judge Len was so excited on Saturday that he had to rush the loo for fear of wetting himself.

- Letitia's mantra is, "Don't do carbs on a show day."

- Camilla has waited for three series to dance to Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue as she hasn't had a partner with brown eyes.

- Lilia is proud of Dominic. Drink!

- Lilia loves Alesha. Lilia/Alesha slash, anyone?

- Arlene says that Kate is like the pupil at the back of the classroom who can't do their ABC, and as soon as they learn to read you give them an A* because you never thought they'd read anything.

- Craig has decided that he undermarked John and Nicole's dance; instead of a 4, he should have given them a 5. The revelation nearly "made Arlene's face fall off", according to Claudia.

- Flavia Cacace is not afraid of swans, despite what Matt di Angelo might tell you.

- Kate Garraway's horrible husband was on Tuesday's family and friends panel. He was not asked about the news that Anton has split up with his girlfriend.

- Alesha's tears on Saturday were the result of her expecting the judges to point out the part where they messed up. Despite Alesha and Matthew doing a slo-mo commentary of all the bits they were winging it and completely cocked up the routine, it still looked amazing. Alesha and Matthew are kind of awesome.

- Jessica Hynes-nee-Stevenson is such a big fan of Strictly that she doesn't even know what the show's called.

- Ian has never done the Salsa before. This officially makes Steve better at Salsa than Ian, then. Possibly.

- Kelly is a very busy woman and she hasn't got all day, it won't cost much - just your voice.

- The show's producers are clearly reading this blog because an entire segment of Wednesday's show was given over to Matt/Gethin. Apparently Matt hates Gethin because Flavia originally wanted Gethin as her partner, but that doesn't explain his apparent need to dangle off Gethin at all times in group rehearsals. But we all know the real reason for that, don't we?

- Gethin's mum votes for Penny.

- Marian Keyes said "crap" and Claudia had to apologise profusely.

- In Thursday's credits, the footage shown was of professionals snapping at their partners demonstrating the "tough love" concept. Darren and Letitia were not shown.

- Anton has been rehearsing so hard this week he hasn't gone home, and thus has several days' worth of stubble. He then announced that "I love Kate so much, I can't begin to tell you" and again wrestled her into a clinch and kissed her hair, which, as we all know, means he really likes her.

- Len is fed up with Kenny's Scottishness and hopes that there will be no bagpipes nor haggis.

- Arlene is concerned that Matthew and Alesha have too much "feist" in their salsa.

Join Carrie and Steve tomorrow evening for a special Strictly liveblog!

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