Monday, 19 November 2007

This week on It Takes Two, we have learnt...

- Often, radio mics go inside bra cups.

- Anton is still quite cross about the way the judges treated Kate. Carrie loves Anton.

- When Claudia asked Kate if she ever fantasised about not appearing on a Monday It Takes Two, Anton interrupted and said, "Fantasise? Yes, often, but that's another show altogether." Kate and Anton lounged on the couch holding hands and cuddling, until the end of the interview when he leapt on her again. AHAHAHAHAH!

- Len thinks the judges' job is to encourage, not criticise, and sent his love to Kate and Anton. He likened the weaker contestants to water buffalo.

- Anton is not supporting anybody now.

- Arlene will miss Kate's smile. She made no mention of Kate's dancing, surprisingly enough.

- Craig did not think Alesha and Matthew's waltz was worthy of a 10 because of a moment where Alesha started moving before Matthew did.

- Matt di Angelo is very grumpy on Mondays, and has now started wearing t-shirts to prove it.

- There is a LOVE TRIANGLE between Arlene, Matt and Gethin.

- Flavia is genuinely appalled that Matt has not seen Dirty Dancing.

- Carrie kind of wants Karen to be on the judging panel, because she speaks sense. Except for when she said, entirely seriously, "John and Nicole have what we in dance call 'a height difference'."

- Letitia Dean is ridiculously hard on herself. (In fairness, we could've guessed that, but all the same: Dear God woman, give yourself a chance!)

- In terms of physical fitness, James is better than Brendan and Vincent. Brendan won at running (and James runs like a girl) and rowing, James won at cycling and reactions, and Vincent didn't appear to win at anything. Apparently this was because he was letting them win.

- Gabby wants Kenny to win, Penny wants Alesha to win, and Stephanie wants Matt. And Gethin. Er, to win, I mean.

- Kenny does a hilarious impression of Gabby. "James! That wasn't good enough! Do it again! James! No, go back there and start again! James!" Hee hee hee. Gabby pretended she was amused by it, but it was a smile through gritted teeth.

- Darren bribes Letitia with cash to dance well.

- Head Judge Len gave his half-term report, and the grades were as follows: Alesha: A+, Kelly: A, Gethin: A, Matt: A-, Letitia B+, Kenny: B, John: B-.

- Kenny was so convinced he would be in the dance-off this week, he didn't even hear his name called out. Ola only registered that they were through when Gabby leapt to her feet and started clapping.

- Kenny would like to be in a show called Strictly Come Lifting.

- Alesha was on Thursday It Takes Two, with Matthew, her mum Beverley, and HER DOG ROXIE. Alesha is awesome.

- Alesha likes to cha-cha-cha. It is a challenge, a cha-cha-cha-challenge.

- AAAAAAARGH BARROWMAN ALERT!!!!!11111!!1oMGZ?! He says that sometimes Len does not make sense. He also suggested that Gethin would benefit from hip-moving classes with him. And Claudia.

- On Friday, Gethin called Claudia "snuggles".

- Kelly and Brendan have only trained for seven hours this week. Gasp! Brendan said that he and Karen don't get on, and Kelly isn't going to worry about her comments. AAAAAAAAAAAAARGH FOUR POOFS AND A PIANO!!!!!!111111111111111!!?!12 sang Happy Birthday to her.

- Len gave Claudia a medal for being the Saturday Night Fever Queen of the Ballroom. Whatever that might be.

- Ben Shepherd was on the panel on Friday. He has showered with John.

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