Wednesday, 28 November 2007

This week on It Takes Two, we have learnt...

- Kate is perfectly willing to make herself look daft even after being booted off the show, by spending her day on Saturday's show as the ITT guide pretending that she didn't realise she'd been kicked off, and yelling things like "YOU CAN'T DO THE SHOW WITHOUT ME! I AM THE SHOW!" whenever another contestant or judge walked past. Kate is kind of awesome.

- Brendan doesn't think the judges can criticise him, because he's "seen your dancing on It Takes Two and it's not up to much." Sometimes Brendan makes even less sense than Arlene does.

- The Fonz dreamt about green feathers on Saturday night. And is in panto. In Woking.

- The Fonz is a huge fan of Len and Bruno (but not those other two). And is in panto. In Woking.

- The Fonz knows about the power of repetition. And is in panto. In Woking.

- Anton takes old ladies out for the day, because he's nice like that. And he's far less patronising about it than Karen is, too.

- Len explained that his reason for the infamous 10 awarded to John Barnes was that he'd already given Gethin a 9 that night, and that John's dance was better, so what else could he do? Our answer: stop overmarking everyone, Len. It can't have escaped your notice that the other judges don't suffer from this problem.

- Claudia demonstrated her wide sporting knowledge by introducing a VT about Kenny thus: "Kenny used to be a very good Wasp."

- On being inducted into the Wasps Hall of Fame, Kenny was asked, "Was it always your ambition to marry above yourself?" Kenny blustered something or other, and concluded, "I'm a better dancer than her, though." Gabby's rictus grin was something to behold. They're a charming and endearing couple, aren't they?

-Alesha and Matthew have trained for 35 hours this week (10 more than any other couple) and are "unbelievably tired".

-Head Judge Len described Gethin as "like a hedgehog that's been in hibernation".

-Head Judge Len thinks Letitia is struggling with the foxtrot because her heels are too high.

-Justin Lee Collins reckons Matt can go "all the way... and beyond!" (With Gethin?)

-According to '90s pop star Gabrielle (what do you mean she's got a new album out?), "Music is important, especially when you're doing a dance routine." Thanks for that.

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