Monday, 20 October 2008

This week on It Takes Two, we have learnt...

- Marian Keyes and Lilia are going to get gay-married. Presumably Darren is okay with this.
- Don is this year's Gabby Logan, except less annoying, and less good.
- Claudia agrees with us that Len and Bruno do not possess any paddles numbered below six.
- Craig would like to give more top marks.
- Gerry DeVeaux is still pursuing the whole "TV personality" thing, despite being arguably the worst judge on any Top Model franchise ever. Yes, including Nolé Marin.
- Karen's husband doesn't put his dirty laundry in the basket. The fiend!
- Jodie is a lover, not a fighter.
- Len hates horses on country roads and badger poo.
- The female dancer can actually play three roles in the paso doble - the bull, the cape, and we forget what the other one was.
- Len deplores the use of props in the paso. WOT NO CAPING?
- Carrie fell asleep while watching Wednesday's It Takes Two, and couldn't remember why until she re-watched it on Thursday and discovered that it was a Rachel/Vincent interview that pushed her over the edge.
- Tom is dancing this week for Mrs Chambers. No, not his mum, but his wife. YES, THAT'S RIGHT, READERS, Tom has a wife!
- Gary danced a waltz. With Flavia. Because Karen had locked herself in a cupboard to avoid the horror.

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