Monday, 27 October 2008

This week on It Takes Two, we have learnt...

- The men are touching up all the time. Their make-up, that is.
- Various people in the show are still determined to make Mark dance in his trunks at the final. LET IT GO ALREADY.
- Arlene first met Craig when she was looking for dancers to dance around a drag act she was choreographing. He was one of the butch ones.
- The judges have all got changed in the same dressing room. Please God, let it not have been at the same time.
- Len marked Tom's Viennese waltz down because he thinks Tom is capable of more. Can anyone say "marking relatively"?
- Apparently Tom got married recently, or something. You'd think this would've come up before now, wouldn't you?
- "Fleckerl" has an r in it, which we probably did already know, but we keep forgetting because it looks weird. And we probably won't be spelling it that way ever again because it offends our eyes.
- Anton thinks Andrew and Ola should have been top of the leaderboard last week because they were the most improved, demonstrating once and for all why Anton must never be given a position of power on this show. Although he has to be given credit for having some consistent method of gauging appropriate scores.
- Arlene going "SEV-UN!!" with one eye on Len will never stop being hilarious.
- Lisa apparently arrives at work in the mornings five minutes before her show starts. Is it just us, or is that cutting it a bit fine?
- Kristina has a "John is fabulous" slogan t-shirt that she wears in training. Along with a fluffy bolero jacket. Because Kristina is awesome.
- 'Ask Len' makes us want to cut people.
- Craig loves showbiz. Who would have thought it?
- Ian rocked up to Wednesday's ITT wearing a black velvet jacket with a white shirt and black cravat and couldn't have looked more like a Wildean dandy if he'd tried.
- Jodie's protestations that Ian will be in trouble with her boyfriend for kissing her so much in rehearsal seemed oddly unconvincing. Ian certainly did not look worried.
- James's horrified mugs to the camera during rehearsal are really quite amusing. His lingering sense of resentment about early exits in previous series is not.
- According to Len, in the samba, you can't just get out there on the dancefloor and pfffffffffffffffffft. That's the kind of insider knowledge you only get from being a Head Judge.
- Claudia doing samba rolls with Len may be the funniest thing on television in months.
- Craig and Claudia both like Cutting Crew's 'I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight'. Arlene is not a fan.

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